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All abstracts by James Eldrett in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Changing Inputs of Continental and Submarine Weathering Sources of Sr to the Oceans during OAE 2
Nana Yobo L, Brandon A, Lau K, Holmden C & Eldrett J

(2019) Limited Molybdenum Isotope Change in the Oceans Associated with Oceanic Anoxic Event 2
Dickson A, Jenkyns H, Porcelli D, Idiz E, Sweere T, Murphy M, Ruhl M, Eldrett J & van den Boorn S

(2019) Cr Isotope Response to OAE 2 Recorded in the Eagle Ford Formation, Western Interior Seaway
Nana Yobo L, Holmden C, Brandon A & Eldrett J

(2018) Isotopic Constraints on the Molybdenum Cycle in the Late Cretaceous
Dickson A, Sweere T, Ruhl M, Murphy M, Jenkyns H, Idiz E, Porcelli D, Henderson G, van den Boorn S & Eldrett J

(2018) Seawater 187Os/188Os Variations during the Mid-Cenomanian Event
Lauckner L, Brandon A, Eldrett J & Minisini D

(2018) Stable Sr Isotopes of Carbonate Fractions as Tracer for Weathering Activity during OAE2
Nana Yobo L, Brandon A, Eldrett J & Minisini D

(2009) Evolution of Sea Surface Temperatures in the Eocene and Oligocene Reconstructed Using Organic Proxies
Schouten S, Bohaty S, Houben S, Bijl P, Sluijs A, Eldrett J, Harding I, Sinninghe Damste J & Brinkhuis H

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