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All abstracts by Alexandra Rodler in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Neoproterozoic Glaciations and their Tally on Seawater Evolution: Stable C, O and Cr Paired with Radiogenic Nd, Sr Isotope-Stratigraphy of the Witvlei Group (Namibia)
Hohl SV, Rodler A, Viehmann S, Gaucher C, Germs G, Goderis S, Frei R & Huang X

(2022) Stromatolites of the Western Pannonian Basin Reflect Trace Metal Availability in Microbial Habitats during the Middle Miocene Salinity Crisis
Viehmann S, Kujawa R, Hohl SV, Tepe N, Rodler A, Hofmann T & Draganits E

(2022) The Provenance of Copper of Egyptian Blue Pigments: A Sarcophagus from Sidon
Rodler A, Brøns C, Tepe N, Hofmann T, Koeberl C, Frei R & Artioli G

(2020) Redox and Nutrient Fluctuations in Interglacial Neoproterozoic Witvlei Group Carbonates (Namibia) Argue for Ecosystem Instability Promoting Animal Evolution
Hohl SV, Rodler A, Gaucher C & Frei R

(2019) The Utility of Modern Microbialites for Recording Environmental Conditions
Bruggmann S, Rodler A, Klaebe R & Frei R

(2019) Neoproterozoic Environmental Conditions: A Novel Metal Stable Isotope Perspective
Rodler A, Hohl S, Gaucher C, Germs G, Hegenberger W, Goderis S, Claeys P & Frei R

(2017) A Highly Unusual Constituent in Roman Polychromy
Buccarella Hedegaard S, Rodler A, Bredal-Jørgensen J, Klein S & Brøns C

(2017) Early Cryogenian Cr Isotope Stratigraphy, Otavi Group, Namibia
Rodler AS, Frei R, Korte C, Gaucher C & Germs GJB

(2015) Chromium Isotope Fractionation during Coprecipitation with Calcium Carbonate
Rodler A, Sánchez-Pastor N, Fernández-Díaz L & Frei R

(2013) Chromium Isotope Record of the Otavi Group, Namibia
Rodler A, Frei R, Gaucher C, Voegelin A, Ullmann CV & Korte C

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