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All abstracts by Andrea Luca Rizzo in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) The a.D. 79 Eruption of Mt. Vesuvius: Timescales and Dynamics of Magmatic Processes
Romano P, Pelullo C, Arienzo I, Doronzo D, Sparice D, Rizzo AL & Di Vito MA

(2022) Essential Clues from CO2-rich Fluid Inclusions into the Complex Origin of Carbon at the Natrocarbonatite Volcano of Oldoinyo Lengai, Tanzania
Lages J, Boudoire G, Rizzo AL, Aiuppa A, Casola V & France L

(2022) Recycling of Subduction-Related Noble Gases and Crustal Carbon in the Mexican Lithospheric Mantle
Sandoval Velasquez AL, Rizzo AL, Aiuppa A, Frezzotti ML, Straub SM, Gómez-Tuena A & Espinasa Perena R

(2021) CO2 Storage in the Northern Victoria Land (Antarctica) SCLM: Clues from Fluid Inclusions, Mineral Chemistry and X-Ray Microtomography
Casetta F, Rizzo AL, Faccini B, Ntaflos T, Giacomoni PP, Lanzafame G, Mancini L & Coltorti M

(2017) Melt Inclusions Track Changes in Chemistry and Oxidation State of Etnean Magmas
Gennaro E, Iacono-Marziano G, Paonita A, Rizzo A, Martel C, Rotolo S, Liotta M & Pichavant M

(2016) Melt Inclusions Constrain S Behaviour and Redox Conditions in Etnean Magmas
Gennaro E, Iacono-Marziano G, Rizzo A, Paonita A, Liotta M, Pichavant M, Martel C & Rotolo S

(2015) Sulfur Behavior in Etnean Magmatic System (Italy)
Gennaro E, Iacono-Marziano G, Rizzo A, Pichavant M, Paonita A, Liotta M, Rotolo S & Martel C

(2014) Real-Time Measurements of Concentration and Isotope Composition of Atmospheric and Volcanic CO2 at Mt. Etna (Italy)
Jost H, Rizzo A, Caracausi A, Paonita A, Liotta M & Martelli M

(2014) Monitoring of Dissolved Helium Isotope Ratios in Etnean Groundwaters
Longo M, Bellomo S, Brusca L, D'Alessandro W, Paonita A & Rizzo A

(2014) Geochemical Features of Mantle Source Feeding Turrialba Volcano (Costa Rica): Insights on the Ongoing Unrest Phase
Di Piazza A, Rizzo AL, Barberi F, Carapezza ML, De Astis G & Romano C

(2013) Geochemistry of Fluids from the Eastern Carpathians and Transylvanian Basin Boundary (Romania) – Constraints on the Origin of Mineral Waters and Dissolved Gases
Kis B-M, Italiano F, Baciu C, Rizzo A & Kármán K

(2013) Noble Gases Geochemistry of Magma Degassing at Santorini (Greece): Inferences on 2011-2012 Unrest
Rizzo A, Barberi F, Carapezza ML, Francalanci L, D'Alessandro W, Di Piazza A & Sortino F

(2013) Helium Isotopes Signature of Mafic Volcanics at Stromboli (Italy) during its Magmatic Evolution
Martelli M, Rizzo A, Renzulli A, Ridolfi F, Arienzo I & Rosciglione A

(2013) Sulfur and Chlorine Isotopes in Volcanic Products at Mt. Etna, Italy
Liotta M, Rizzo AL, Paonita A, Barnes JD, Caracausi A, Corsaro R & Martelli M

(2013) Magma Dynamics at Mount Etna (Italy) Inferred from Geochemistry of Gas Emissions
Caracausi A, Martelli M, Paonita A & Rizzo AL

(2013) A Two-Component Mantle Below Mt Etna Volcano: Evidences from Noble Gas and Trace Element Geochemistry of Primitive Products
Correale A, Paonita A, Martelli M, Rizzo A, Rotolo S, Corsaro RA & Di Renzo V

(2013) Mantle-Derived Fluids in Central Mediterranean: Geochemical and Geophysical Evidences on Fluids Sources and Migration
Caracausi A, Grassa F, Pennino V, Rizzo A & Sulli A

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