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All abstracts by Yves Plancherel in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Simulating Neodymium Isotopes in a General Circulation Model (FAMOUS): Exploring the Role of Non-Conservative Particle-Seawater Interactions in Governing Marine Distributions
Robinson S, Ivanovic R, Gregoire L, Tindall J, van de Flierdt T, Plancherel Y, Pöppelmeier F, Tachikawa K & Valdes P

(2021) Global Continental and Marine Detrital εNd: An Updated Compilation for Use in Understanding Marine Nd Cycling
Robinson SM, Ivanovic R, van de Flierdt T, Blanchet CL, Tachikawa K, Martin E, Cook (Falco) C, Williams T, Gregoire L, Plancherel Y, Jeandel C & Arsouze T

(2017) The Role of Scavenging on the Oceanic Distribution of 231Pa, 230Th and 10Be
Plancherel Y, Basak C, Khatiwala S, Carney L, Anderson R & Henderson G

(2016) New Insights into Ocean Circulation and Particle Interaction from a Global Dissolved Rare Earth Element Dataset
Plancherel Y, Zheng X, Scott P, Osborne A, Hathorne E, Frank M & Henderson GM

(2014) Quantifying Non-Conservative Behavior of the Rare Earth Elements in the South Atlantic
Scott P, Zheng X, Plancherel Y, Hembury D, Pointing M, Woodward M & Henderson G

(2013) Modelling Scavenged Ocean Tracers: Rare Earth Element Transport and Fractionation
Plancherel Y, Zheng X, Scott P, Khatiwala S & Henderson GM

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