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All abstracts by John M. Eiler in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Structural and Isotopic Reordering in Magnesite: Insights from Heating Experiments
Bhattacharjee S, Ryb U, Eiler JM & Asimow PD

(2018) Prediction and Interpretation of Comprehensive Molecular Isotopic Structures
Eiler J, Chimiak E, Lloyd M, Neubauer C & Xie H

(2018) Carbonate Isotopic Constraints on Seawater Chemistry during Pliensbachian – Toarcian
Li Q, McArthur J, Eiler J, Ryb U & Thirlwall M

(2018) Hydrogen Isotope Equilibria in C1-C5 Alkanes
Xie H, Formolo M, Lawson M, Peterson B, Sattler A, Sessions A & Eiler J

(2018) Integrated Geochemical and Microbiological Study of Wilcox Oils and Gases of Northern Louisiana
Lawson M, Formolo M, Skinner B, Summers Z, Biddle J, Kitchen N, Thiagarajan N, Xie H & Eiler J

(2018) CH4 Clumped Isotope Signatures in an Ordovician Aquiclude: Insight into Methanogenic N-Alkanes Degradation
Jautzy JJ, Douglas PMJ, Eiler JM & Clark ID

(2018) Clumped and Stable Isotope Characterization of Methane Seep Environments
Thiagarajan N, Cremiere A, Blattler C, Higgins J, Lepland A & Eiler J

(2018) How Reversible is Methylotrophic Methanogenesis? Distinguishing Gross from Net Uptake Using Clumped Isotopes in Methanol
Lloyd M, Dawson K, Douglas P & Eiler J

Gatti E, Bucholz C, Guan Y, Zhang Y, Gaetani G & Eiler J

(2015) Evidence for a Role of Slab Fluids in the Oxidized Nature of Arc Basalts
Brounce M, Kelley K, Cottrell E, Eiler J & Stolper E

(2015) The Clumped and Position-Specific Isotope Geochemistry of Higher Order (C2+) Hydrocarbons
Eiler J, Clog M, Lawson M & Piasecki A

(2015) The Potential of Methane Clumped Isotopes to Constrain Formational Environments of Natural Gas Deposits
Stolper D, Eiler J, Sessions A, Valentine D, Martini A, Davis C, Formolo M, Lawson M, Ferreira A & Santos Neto E

(2015) Position-Specific Carbon Isotope Analysis of Amino Acids by High-Resolution Gas Source IRMS
Dallas B, Eiler J & Sessions A

(2015) Molecular Isotopic Structures: Advances, Opportunities and Hurdles
Eiler J, Dallas B & Lloyd M

(2015) The Clumped-Isotope Geochemistry of Marble Exhumation
Ryb U, Eiler JM, Farley KA, Lloyd MK & Stolper DA

(2015) The Clumped Isotope Geochemistry of Dolomite and Calcite in Contact Metamorphic Environments
Lloyd M, Eiler J & Nabelek P

(2015) Seconds after Impact: Insights into the Thermal History of Tektites
Stolper E, Macris C, Badro J, Asimow P, Zhang Y & Eiler J

(2015) Evolution of Natural Gas Resevoirs Using Site-Specific Carbon Isotopes
Piasecki A, Eiler J & Lawson M

(2015) SHRIMP-Si (18O/16O) Analyses of Goethite: Technical Aspects and Applications to Paleoenvironmental Studies
da Silva Monteiro H, Vasconcelos PM, Ireland T, Farley K, D'Avila J, Miller H, Eiler J & Southam G

(2015) Insights into Mechanisms of Nitrous Oxide Generation from Measurement of Nine N2O Isotopologues
Magyar P, Orphan V & Eiler J

(2014) Calculating Isotopic Equilibria: Clumped Isotopes in H2O and CH4
Peterson B, Lawson M, Stolper D & Eiler J

(2014) Carbonate Clumped Isotope Thermometry of the Notch Peak Contact Metamorphic Aureole
Lloyd M, Eiler J & Nabelek P

(2014) Paragenesis of Cements in the El Abra Formation, Mexico, Based on Clumped Isotope Thermometry
Lawson M, Becker S, Buono A, Eiler J, Phillips-Lander C, Rasbury T, Shenton B, Stolper D & Yurewicz D

(2014) Isotopic Anatomies of Organic Compounds
Eiler J, Blake G, Dallas B, Kitchen N, Lloyd M & Sessions A

(2014) Doubly 13C-Substituted Ethane in Shale Gases
Clog M, Martini A, Lawson M & Eiler J

(2014) Clumped Isotopes of Methane: Applications to Both Low and High Temperature Natural Systems
Stolper D, Davis C, Eiler J, Ferreira A, Lawson M, Martini A, Santos Neto E, Schoell M, Sessions A, Shusta S, Tang Y, Valentine D & Ellis GS

(2014) The Blocking Temperature for ‘Clumped’ Isotope Thermometry in Aragonite
Piasecki A & Eiler J

(2014) (U-Th)/He Geochronology and δ18O Values of Goethite in Weathering Profiles
Miller H, Farley K, Eiler J & Vasconcelos P

(2014) Multi-Component Diffusion between Felsic and More Silicic Melts from Tektites and Experiments
Macris C, Badro J, Asimow P, Stolper E & Eiler J

(2014) Chemical Zonation in Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions
Newcombe M, Fabbrizio A, Zhang Y, Ma C, Le Voyer M, Guan Y, Eiler J, Saal A & Stolper E

(2013) Site-Specific Carbon Isotope Measurement of Organics by Gas Source Mass Spectrometry
Piasecki A, Eiler J, Sessions A, Lopes J, Lemini J & Freitas L

(2013) Doubly 13C-Substituted Ethane
Clog M, Eiler J, Guzzo J, Moraes E & Souza I

(2013) Combined 13C-D and D-D Clumping in CH4: Preliminary Results
Stolper D, Shusta S, Valentine D, Sessions A, Ferreira A, Santos Neto E & Eiler J

(2013) Isotopologue Effects in the Generation and Consumption of Nitrous Oxide
Magyar P, Kopf S, Orphan V & Eiler J

(2013) Natural Cu-Al-Fe Metallic Quasicrystals in the New CV3 Meteorite Find, Khatyrka
Hollister L, Andronicos C, Bindi L, Distler V, Eddy M, Eiler J, Guan Y, Kostin A, Kryachko V, MacPherson G, Steinhardt W, Yudovskaya M & Steinhardt P

(2013) Atmospheric Chemistry and Dynamics Recorded in the Isotopic Ordering in O2 and CO2
Yeung L, Young E, Schauble E, Affek H, Boering K, Eiler J & Okumura M

(2013) Carbonate Clumped Isotope Thermometry in the Subsurface
Bergmann K, Al-Balushi S, Grotzinger J & Eiler J

(2013) Clumped Isotope Thermometry of Marbles as an Idicator of the Closure Temperatures of Calcite and Dolomite with Respect to Solid-State Reordering of C–O Bonds
Bonifacie M, Calmels D & Eiler J

(2013) Crystallization Temperatures of Carbonate Phases at Kennecott, Alaska Based on Clumped Isotope Thermometry
Price JB & Eiler JM

(2013) Petrologic and Metasomatic Controls on H and Cl Abundances and Isotopes in Lunar Rocks
Boyce J, Treiman A, Eiler J, Ma C, Guan Y, Greenwood J, Gross J & Stolper E

(2013) Terrestrial Temperature Response during Early Eocene Hyperthermals
Snell K, Fricke H, Clyde W & Eiler J

(2013) Si Isotope Systematics of Acidic Alteration of Fresh Kilauean Basalts
Chemtob S, Rossman G, Young E, Ziegler K, Eiler J & Hurowitz J

(2013) Isotopic Anatomies of Organic Molecules
Eiler J & Krumwiede D

(2012) Measurement of Nitrous Oxide Isotopologues and Isotopomers by the MAT 253 Ultra
Magyar P, Kopf S, Orphan V & Eiler J

(2012) Formation Mechanisms of Carbonate Concretions of the Monterey Formation: Analyses of Clumped Isotopes, Iron, Sulfur and Carbon
Loyd S, Berelson W, Lyons T, Hammond D, Tripati A, Eiler J & Corsetti F

(2012) The MAT-253 Ultra -a Novel High-Resolution, Multi-Collector Gas Source Mass Spectrometer
Eiler J, Clog M, Deerberg M, Magyar P, Piasecki A, Schlueter H-J, Schweiters J, Sessions A, Stolper D & Thiagarajan N

(2012) The nanoSIMS as a Tool to Study Zonation Around/In Melt Inclusions
Le Voyer M, Newcombe M, Stolper EM & Eiler JM

(2012) The Clumped Isotope Geothermometer in Soil and Paleosol Carbonate
Quade J, Eiler J, Daeron M & Breecker D

(2012) Measurement of Intact Methane Isotopologues, Including 13CH3D
Stolper D, Sessions A & Eiler J

(2012) Kinetics of CO2(g)-H2O(l) Isotopic Exchange, Including 13C18O16O
Clog M & Eiler J

(2012) Direct Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Position Specific S13C in Organics
Piasecki A & Eiler J

(2011) Assessing Cementation in the El Capitan Reef Complex and Lincolnshire Limestone Using 13C-18O Bond Abundances in Carbonates
Loyd S, Dickson T, Hudson J, EIler J & Tripati A

(2011) Sulfur Speciation in Lunar Apatite
Boyce J, Ma C, Eiler J, Liu Y, Stolper E & Taylor L

(2011) Silica Coatings on Young Hawaiian Basalts: Constraints on Formation Mechanism from Silicon Isotopes
Chemtob S, Hurowitz J, Guan Y, Ziegler K, Eiler J & Rossman G

(2011) Calibration and Applications of the Dolomite Clumped Isotope Thermometer to High Temperatures
Bonifacie M, Ferry J, Horita J, Vasconcelos C, Passey B & Eiler J

(2011) An Absolute Reference Frame for Clumped Isotope Thermometry
Eiler J, Dennis K, Affek H, Passey B & Schrag D

(2011) Volatile and Major Element Zonation within Melt Inclusions: A Natural Diffusion Experiment
Newcombe M, Fabbrizio A, Zhang Y, Guan Y, Ma C, Le Voyer M, Eiler J, Saal A & Stolper E

(2011) A Dynamic Archean Sulfur Cycle
Fischer W, Fike D, Guan Y, Eiler J, Kirschvink J & Raub T

(2011) Past Ocean Temperatures and Coupled U/Th and 14C Measurements from Deep-Sea Corals
Thiagarajan N, Adkins J & Eiler J

(2011) In situ Dating and Investigation of Remarkably Depleted –27.3‰ SMOW “Slushball” Earth Zircons
Bindeman I, Vazquez J, Schmitt A, Eiler J, Serebryakov N & Evans D

(2011) On the Mass Independent Fractionations of O, Hg, Si, Mg and Cd during Open-System Evaporation or Thermal Decomposition
Cartigny P, Eiler J, Agrinier P & Assayag N

(2011) Hot Summers in the Western United States during the Late Cretaceous and Early Cenozoic
Snell K, Thompson J, Foreman B, Wernicke B, Chamberlain CP, Eiler J & Koch P

(2010) Oxygen and Carbon Isotope Systematics during Natural Mineral Carbonation in Peridotite of the Samail Ophiolite, Oman
Kelemen P, Streit L, Mervine E, Matter J, Eiler J & Shock E

(2010) A "Mass Anomalous" Vapor-Pressure Isotope Effect for SF6
Eiler J & Hofmann A

(2010) 17O Anomalies in Sedimentary Silica and Oxides
Levin N, Raub T, Dauphas N & Eiler J

(2010) ‘Clumped Isotope’ Thermometry in Bioapatite
Eagle R, Schauble E, Tripati A, Tütken T, Fricke H, Hulbert R & Eiler J

(2010) Glacial Ocean Temperatures from ‘Clumped Isotope’ Thermometry in Foraminifera and Coccoliths
Tripati A, Eagle R, Eiler J & Beaufort L

(2010) Fertile Components of the NE Atlantic Mantle – Minor Elements and O-Isotopes in Olivine Phenocrysts
Trønnes RG, Erambert M, Eiler JM & Debaille V

(2010) Temperature Dependence of 13C-18O Clumping in Synthetic Aragonite: Laboratory Calibration
Kim S-T, Guo W, Coplen TB, Farquhar J & Eiler JM

(2010) Carbonate Clumped Isotope Thermometry as a Tool for Paleoceanography
Eiler J, Bergmann K, Bonifaci M, Eagle R, Finnegan S, Fischer W, Passey B, Stolper D & Tripati A

(2009) Clumped Isotope Calibration of Modern Deep Sea Corals and Implications for Vital Effects
Thiagarajan N, Guo W, Adkins J & Eiler J

(2009) Non-Equilibrium Stable Isotope Partitioning in Igneous Processes?
Eiler J, Valley J & Stolper E

(2009) Melt-Rock Interactions during the Early Stages of Rapid Exhumation of a Deeply Subducted Continental Slab
Zeng L, Asimow P, Eiler J, Chen J & Chen F

(2009) A 'Clumped-Isotope' Study of Stratospheric CO<sub>2</sub> Reveals a New Atmospheric Process
Yeung LY, Affek HP, Hoag KJ, Guo W, Wiegel AA, Okumura M, Boering KA & Eiler JM

(2009) ‘Clumped Isotope’ Thermometry for High-Temperature Problems
Eiler JM, Bonifacie M & Daeron M

(2009) Sub-Micron Scale Ti Variations in Zircons of Known Provenance
Hofmann AE, Baker MB & Eiler JM

(2009) Ultrasteep Composition Gradients within Ankerite Grains from Regionally Metamorphosed Marls
Ferry J, Stubbs J, Guan Y & Eiler J

(2009) NanoSIMS Imaging of Insoluble Organic Matter in Ordinary Chondrites; Comparison with Carbonaceous Chondrites
Remusat L, Guan Y & Eiler J

(2009) Constraints from Clumped Isotope Analyses of a Stalagmite on Maximum Tropical Temperature Change Through the Late Pleistocene
Meckler AN, Adkins J, Eiler J & Cobb K

(2009) New Capabilities for Small-Scale and High-Precision SIMS Analysis
Eiler J, Adkins J, Chapman A, Guan Y, Hofmann A & Ferry J

(2008) Temperature and Timing of Diagenesis from Carbonate Clumped Isotope Thermometry and Thermochronology
Huntington KW, Wernicke BP, Eiler JM & Flowers RM

(2008) ‘Clumped Isotopes’ in Speleothem Carbonate and Atmospheric CO2 – Is There a Kinetic Isotope Effect?
Affek H, Guo W, Daëron M & Eiler JM

(2008) 13C-18O Bonds in Dissolved Inorganic Carbon: Implications for Carbonate Clumped Isotope Thermometry
Guo W, Daeron M, Niles P, Genty D, Kim S-T, Vonhof H, Affek H, Blamart D, Wainer K & Eiler J

(2008) Absolute Speleo-Thermometry, Using Clumped Isotope Measurements to Correct for Kinetic Isotope Fractionations Induced by CO2 Degassing
Daëron M, Guo W, Eiler J, Genty D, Wainer K, Affek H, Vonhof H & Blamart D

(2008) Relationships between µm-Scale Melt Inclusions and Oscillatory Trace Element Zoning in Olivine
Mansfield F, Eiler J, Stolper E & Guan Y

(2008) Late Glacial Paleoclimate of the Central Altiplano Constrained by Cosmogenic He-3 Dating and ‘clumped-Isotope’ Paleothermometry
Blard PH, Lave J, Farley KA, Tripati A, Eiler JM, Sylvestre F & Fornari M

(2008) Oxygen Isotope Evidence for Slab-Derived Silicate Melt in Lau Basin Back-Arc Lavas
Bonifacie M, Eiler J, Stolper E, Bézos A, Michael P & Langmuir C

(2008) Analysis of Mg, Sr, and Ba in Deep Sea Corals Using SIMS and ICP-MS
Gabitov R, Gagnon A, Adkins J & Eiler J

(2008) High-Precision Isotopic Analysis: Lessons from 'Clumped Isotope' Geochemistry
Eiler J, Guo W, Huntington K & Passey B

(2008) Carbonate 'Clumped Isotope' Thermometry: A Status Report
Eiler J, Affek H, Daeron M, Ferry J, Guo W, Huntington K, Thiagarajan N & Tripati A

(2008) ‘Clumped Isotope’ Thermometery in Foraminifera
Tripati A, Thiagarajan N & Eiler J

(2007) Continental Temperatures from the Paleocene-Eocene Boundary in the Big Horn Basin, WY from Carbonate Clumped Isotope Thermometry
Snell K, Eiler J, Dettman D & Koch P

(2007) Carbonate Clumped Isotope Thermometry of Mollusks and its Applications to Pleistocene Gastropod Fossils from South Dakota
Ghosh P, Eiler J & Petersen S

(2007) Micron-Scale Resolution of Sulfur Cycling in a Microbial Mat
Fike D, Ussler W, Eiler J, Guan Y & Orphan V

(2007) Sub-Micron-Scale Variations in Ti Abundance in Zircon
Hofmann AE, Cavosie AJ, Guan Y, Valley JW & Eiler JM

(2007) Paleoaltimetry from "Clumped" 13C-18O Bonds in Carbonates, Colorado Plateau
Huntington K, Wernicke B & Eiler J

(2006) A Practical Guide to Clumped Isotope Geochemistry
Eiler J

(2006) Oxygen Isotope Evidence for Chemical Interaction of Kilauea Magmas with Basement Rocks
Garcia M, Ito E & Eiler J

(2005) Hydrogen Isotope Geochemistry of Nominally Anhydrous Mantle Minerals
O'Leary J, Eiler J & Rossman G

(2005) Oxygen-17 Excesses in Products of Stratospheric Volcanic Eruptions and Depletion of the Ozone Layer
Bindeman I, Eiler J & Sarna-Wojcicki A

(2005) Carbonate Paleothermometry Based on Abundances of <+>13<$>C-<+>18<$>O Bonds
Eiler J, Ghosh P, Affeck H, Adkins J, Schauble E, Schrag D & Hoffman P

(2005) The Isotopic Composition of Subduction Fluid: High-, Low-, or Normal d<+>18<$>O?
Bindeman I, Turner S, Eiler J & Portnyagin M

(2004) Mineral Diffusive and 226Ra/230Th Timescales for the Genesis of Icelandic Basalts: Laki and the Grimsvötn Magma System
Bindeman I, Sigmarsson O, Eiler J & Wang Z

(2004) Oxygen Isotope Composition of Olivine Phenocrysts from Koolau Scientific Drilling Project (KSDP)
Eiler J & Garcia M

(2003) 13C18O16O in Air
Eiler J, Schauble E & Kitchen N

(2003) New Insight into the Origin of the Low δ18O Magmas in Iceland
Wang Z, Eiler J & Kitchen N

(2003) Measurement and Significance of 13C18O16O in Thermodynamically Equilibrated and Environmental CO2
Schauble E, Eiler J & Kitchen N

(2002) Oxygen-Isotope Evidence for Altered Oceanic Crust in the Atlantic MORB Source
Cooper K, Eiler J & Asimow P

(2002) Hydrogen-Isotope Geochemistry of the CM Chondrites
Eiler J & Kitchen N

(2002) The Deuterium Anomaly in Stratospheric Molecular Hydrogen
Rahn T, Eiler J, McCarthy M, Boering K, Atlas E & Schauffler S

(2001) Determination of D/H in Atmospheric H2 at Nano-Molar Quantities
Rahn T & Eiler J

(2001) Micro-Analysis of D/H Ratios in Mantle Minerals by Carrier-Gas Mass Spectrometry
O'Leary J, Kitchen N & Eiler JM

(2000) Experimental Determination of Oxygen-Isotope Fractionations between CO2 Vapor and Soda-Melilite Melt
Appora I, Eiler JM & Stolper EM

(2000) Evidence for Slab-Derived Silicate Melt in the Sub-Arc Mantle
Eiler J & Schiano P

(2000) Oxygen Isotope Variations in Recent Magnesian Lavas from Iceland's Northern Neovolcanic Zone
Eiler J, Kitchen N, Gronvold K, McKenzie D, Stracke A & Zindler A

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