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All abstracts by Chiara Maria Petrone in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Where has the Mush Gone? A Tale of a Rejuvenated System
Petrone CM, Mollo S, Del Bello E, Scarlato P, Andronico D & Gertisser R

(2020) A Relationship between Timing of Mafic Recharge and VEI at Popocatépetl Volcano, Mexico?
Mangler M, Petrone CM & Prytulak J

(2020) The 2019 Paroxyms at Stromboli Volcano (Italy): Timescales of Eruption Triggering
Petrone CM, Di Stefano F, Mollo S, Gertisser R, Del Bello E, Andronico D & Scarlato P

(2020) New Insights into the Evolution of the 1914-15 Plinian Eruption of Sakurajima Volcano, Japan
Zawalna-Geer A, Petrone CM, Hickey J, Williamson B & Pickles J

(2019) Major and Trace Element Maps of Zoned Clinopyroxenes at Stromboli: New Clues on Complex Magma Dynamics during 2003-2017 Eruptions
Di Stefano F, Scarlato P, Mollo S, Petrone CM, Ubide T, Nazzari M & Andronico D

(2019) The Influence of Crustal Assimilation on Magma Genesis and Eruptive Behaviour: An Oxygen Isotope Study of the Central Aeolian Arc, Italy
Wiltshire R, Gertisser R, Boyce A, Halama R, Petrone C, Lucchi F, Tranne C & Sulpizio R

(2019) Plumbing System Dynamics at Kolumbo Submarine Volcano, Greece, Prior to the 1650 CE Explosive Eruption
Mastroianni F, Fantozzi I, Petrone CM, Vougioukalakis GE, Braschi E & Francalanci L

(2019) Magma System Model for Sakurajima Volcano, Japan
Zawalna-Geer A, Hickey J, Williamson B, Petrone C, Pickles J, Brown J & Healey J

(2018) Pyroxene Residence Time of Two Contrasting Plinian Eruptions at Popocatèpetl Volcano (Mexico)
Petrone CM, Leung YL, Mangler M, Delgado-Granados H & Prytulak J

(2017) Recharge, Recycle, Repeat: The Steady-State Plumbing System of Popocatépetl Volcano, Mexico
Mangler M, Petrone CM, Prytulak J, Hill S & Delgado-Granados H

(2016) The Ticking Eruptive Clock at Popocatépetl Volcano (Mexico): The 23-14ky Eruptive Sequence
Petrone CM, Pellegrino R, Rengifo-Castillo C & Delgado-Granados H

(2015) Decadal Timescales of Magma Chamber Dynamics at a Steady-State Volcano: The Case of Stromboli Volcano, Italy
Petrone CM, Braschi E, Francalanci L & Tommasini S

(2015) The Build up to a Large Explosive Eruption 14, 000 Years ago at Popocatépetl Volcano (Mexico)
Fyfe F, Mangler M, Prytulak J, Delgado-Granados H & Petrone CM

(2015) NIDIS: The Non-Isothermal Diffusion Incremental Step Model. A New Approach to Elemental Diffusion in Volcanic Rocks
Bugatti G, Petrone CM, Braschi E & Tommasini S

(2014) Melting and Metasomatism in the South Patagonian Lithospheric Mantle
Rooks E, Gibson S, Petrone C & Parkinson I

(2013) The Establishment of the Steady-State Activity at Stromboli Volcano (Italy): Evidence from Diffusion and Mixing Processes Revealed at Mineral Scale
Braschi E, Petrone CM, Francalanci L & Tommasini S

(2013) Dual Explosive Activity Revealed by Petrochemical and Mineralogical Data on Tephra: Peculiar Roman-Age Eruptions of Stromboli Volcano
Francalanci L, Braschi E, Di Salvo S, Lucchi F & Petrone MC

(2013) Mixing, Mingling and Enclave Crumbling in the post-Minoan Dacitic Magmas of Santorini Volcano, Greece
Petrone CM, Francalanci L & Vougiokalakis GE

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