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All abstracts by Carrick Eggleston in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Insight on (Per)chlorate Production, Degradation and Transport: Relevance to Mars
Gure A, Sorenson T, Dewey J, Eggleston C & Parkinson B

(2019) Photoelectrochemical Generation of Perchlorate and Chlorate: Semiconducting Minerals and Mars
Gure A, Sorenson T, Dewey J, Kraus T, Eggleston C & Parkinson B

(2018) Perchlorate on Mars: Hematite and Ilmenite as Photocatalysts
Eggleston C, Sorenson T, Parkinson B, Gure A & Dewey J

(2018) Photoelectrochemical Generation of Perchlorate on Mars: A Photostationary State
Gure A, Sorenson T, Dewey J, Kraus T, Eggleston C & Parkinson B

(2012) Natural Solar Cells on Earth and Mars
Eggleston C & Parkinson B

(2010) Microbial Fuel Cell Study of the Role of OmcA and MtrC in Electron Transfer from Shewanella oneidensis to Oxide Electrodes
Jani R, Colberg P, Eggleston C, Shi L & Reardon C

(2010) Redox-Linked Conformation Change Observed for Adsorbed Metal-Reducing Bacterial Cytochromes
Sycheva L, Eggleston C, Colberg P, Magnuson T & Shi L

(2010) The Hematite-Pyrite Tandem Cell: Avenue to Understanding Mars Photochemical Water Oxidation?
Eggleston C, Parkinson B & Bramlett E

(2008) Redox-Linked Coordination Change in OmcA: Implications for Dissimilatory Fe(III) Reduction
Khare N, Eggleston C & Lovelace D

(2008) Functional Characterization of C-Type Cytochromes from Iron-Respiring Bacteria
Magnuson T, Swenson M, Colberg P & Eggleston C

(2008) Synthesis of Mineral Semiconductor Thin Films: Toward Mineral-Based Photosynthesis
Moyer A, Shankle A, Eggleston C, Borman C & Swoboda-Colberg N

(2008) Synthesis and Photocatalytic Properties of Nanocrystalline Hematite Films: Comparison to Natural Hematite Crystals
Shankle A, Eggleston C, Ackerman J & Borman C

(2005) Direct Electrochemistry of Cytochrome C on Oxide Electrodes
Eggleston C, Khare N & Lovelace D

(2005) Interaction of Cytochromes with Oxide Surfaces: Adsorption-Induced Conformation Change?
Eggleston C, Khare N & Lovelace D

(2005) Surface and Solution Structure of Mitochondrial Cytochrome C
Khare N, Eggleston CM & Lovelace DM

(2004) Cobalt Reactive Transport and Solid Solution at the Calcite-Water Interface at 40┬║ C
Greer B, Eggleston C & Higgins S

(2004) Interaction of Redox Metalloproteins with Hematite Surfaces
Khare N, Eggleston C & Colberg P

(2002) Electrochemical STM of Quinones at Hematite (0001) Surfaces: Adsorption of a Biological Electron "Shuttle."
Stack A, Eggleston C & Higgins S

(2002) The Structure of Hematite (0001) Surfaces in Water: STM and Resonant Tunneling Calculations of Coexisting O and Fe Terminations
Eggleston C, Stack A, Rosso K & Higgins S

(2001) Molecular Adsorption and Ordering of Molecules at the Corundum/Water Interface by Optical Second Harmonic Generation
Higgins SR, Stack AG & Eggleston CM

(2001) Oxygen Versus Iron Termination of Hematite (001) Surfaces: STM Imaging in Air and in Aqueous Solutions
Stack AG, Eggleston CM, Higgins SR, Pribyl R & Nichols J

(2001) Hydrothermal Scanning Probe Microscopy and Its Application to Problems in Heterogeneous Kinetics: Adventures (and Misadventures) at Mineral Surfaces
Higgins SR, Greer B, Boram LH & Eggleston CM

(2000) Experimental Measurements and Modelling of Fundamental Attachment and Detachment Reactions on Barium Sulphate (001) Using Hydrothermal Scanning Probe Microscopy
Higgins S, Bosbach D, Eggleston C & Knauss K

(2000) Nonsteady State Hematite Dissolution: HAFM and STM Observations
Samson SD & Eggleston CM

(2000) A New Look at an Old Idea: The Structure of Oxide Mineral Surfaces and the Role of Metal Centers in Intermediate Co-ordination Environments as Adsorbed Ions
Eggleston C, Samson S, Higgins S, Stack A & Pribyl R

(2000) Studies of the Dissolution of Magnesite (104) in Acidic Aqueous Solutions: A New Approach Using Hydrothermal Scanning Probe Microscopy Under Controlled Hydrodynamic Conditions
Higgins S, Jordan G, Coles B, Compton R, Eggleston C, Knauss K & Boro C

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