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All abstracts by Stephen Eggins in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Crustose Coralline Algae Dissolution Buffers Coral Reef Environments
Branson O, Ellwood MJ, Cornwall C, Maher W, Sun Y, Holland KD, Goodarzi P, Martin H & Eggins S

(2023) Decoupling Carbon and Calcification in Tropical Scleractinian Corals
East M, Branson O & Eggins S

(2019) Metastable Phases in Foraminifer Amphistegina sp. Shells and Implications for Biomineralisation
Jacob D, Wirth R, Schreiber A, Erez J, Branson O & Eggins S

(2018) Planktic Foraminifers Produce Vaterite Shells. Big Deal or so What?
Eggins S, Branson O, Holland K & Jacob D

(2018) Foraminifers Form their Shells via Metastable Carbonate Phases
Jacob D, Wirth R, Schreiber A, Branson O, Eggins S & Agbaje O

(2018) Constraining Foraminiferal CaCO3 Formation Mechanisms from Aggregate Geochemical Data
Branson O, Holland K & Eggins S

(2018) A New Pathway for Chemical Fractionation Resulting from SO2 – Basaltic Glass Reactions
Palm A, King P, Renggli C, Eggins S & Guagliardo P

(2017) Revisiting Mg Isotopic Fractionation in Foraminifera
Sadekov A, Langer G, Misra S, Lloyd N, Kaczmarek K, Mewes A, Holland K, Eggins S, Allen K, Bijma J & McCulloch M

(2017) Precipitation Rate Controls on Foraminiferal Geochemistry
Branson O, Holland K, Fehrenbacher J, Russell A & Eggins S

(2017) How Confident can We be in Foraminifer Shell Mg/Ca Thermometry?
Holland K, Eggins S, Spero HJ, Hönisch B, Allen KA, Haynes LL & Russell AD

(2017) Advances in Applying Laser Ablation ICPMS to Paleoclimate Research
Eggins S

(2016) Ancient Times of a Wetter Australia as Recorded by Speleothems of the Flinders Range, South Australia
Dosseto A, May J-H, Eggins S & Williams M

(2015) Probing the Internal Calcification Chemistry of O. Universa Using B/Ca
Holland K, Eggins S, Hönisch B, Haynes L, Russell A & Fehrenbacher J

(2015) Boron Isotopes, Seawater pH and Paleo-pCO2
Hoenisch B & Eggins S

(2014) Effect of Seawater Mg/Ca Ratio on Planktic Foraminifera Stable Isotope and Mg/Ca Composition
Hönisch B, Baptist C, Eggins S, Holland K, Spero H & Swart P

(2012) Micron-Scale Intrashell S18O Variation in Cultured Planktic Foraminifers
Vetter L, Kozdon R, Mora C, Eggins S, Valley J, Hoenisch B & Spero H

(2012) Timing and Mechanism for Intratest Mg/Ca Variability in Living Planktic Foraminifera
Spero H, Eggins S, Russell A, Vetter L & Honisch B

(2012) In situ Silicon Isotope Analysis of Archean Cherts and BIFs by Laser Ablation MC-ICPMS
Vroon P, Tsikos H, van der Wagt B, van Bergen M, Eggins S & Kinsley L

(2012) Influence of Seawater Carbonate Chemistry on B/Ca in Cultured Planktic Foraminifera
Allen K, Hoenisch B, Eggins S & Rosenthal Y

(2012) Transition Metal Stable Isotopes in Komatiites
Sossi P, Nebel O, O'Neill H, Eggins S & van Kranendonk M

(2011) Coral Records of Ocean Acidification and Physiological Processes in the Southern Great Barrier Reef
Kang JO, McCulloch M, Eggins S, Gagan M & Mortimer G

(2011) Boron Proxy Evidence for Surface Ocean Acidification and Elevated pCO2 during the PETM
Penman D, Zachos J, Hoenisch B, Eggins S & Zeebe R

(2009) Silicon Isotopic Fractionation in Marine Sponges: A New Paradigm and Model for Understanding Silicon Isotopic Variations in Sponges and Diatoms
Wille M, Sutton J, Ellwood M, Maher W, Eggins S & Kelly M

(2009) In situ Measurement of Hf Isotopes in Rutile by LA-MC-ICPMS
Ewing T, Rubatto D & Eggins S

(2009) Rate of Growth of the Preserved North American Continental Crust: Evidence from Hf and O Isotopes in Mississippi Detrital Zircons
Campbell I, Wang C, Allen C, Williams I & Eggins S

(2008) Archean TTG Petrogenesis – The U/Pb-O-Hf Isotopic Perspective
Hiess J, Bennett V, Nutman A, Williams I & Eggins S

(2006) Variation in thickness of G. ruber tests from the Scott Plateau, Timor Sea (6-60Ka)
Opdyke B, Edwards J & Eggins S

(2006) Direct U-series Dating of Fossil Human Bone by Laser Ablation MC-ICPMS
Pike A, Foster G, Stringer C, Eggins S & Grun R

(2006) Timescales of petrogenesis in an active caldera, Rabaul, Papua New Guinea
Cunningham HS, Turner SP, Dosseto A & Eggins S

(2006) Dunite channels in the Horoman peridotites, Japan: Textural and geochemical constraints on melt/fluid transport through the lithosphere.
Niida K, Green D, Yoshikawa M & Eggins S

(2006) Trace element and isotopic (Sr and Nd) compositions of clinopyroxenes in dunite channels of the Horoman peridotite complex, Hokkaido, Japan.
Yoshikawa M, Niida K, Eggins SM & Green DH

(2005) In situ U-Series Dating by Laser-Ablation MC-ICPMS
Eggins S, GrÜn R, Mcculloch MT, Pike AWG, Chappell J & Kinsley L

(2004) H2O Geochemistry in MORB: Origin of Intra-Segment Variations
Danyushevsky L, Eggins S & Batiza R

(2003) In situ Isotopic and Trace Elemental Analysis of Teeth by LA-(MC)ICPMS
Müller W & Eggins S

(2003) Geological Applications of the HelEx 193nm Laser Ablation System Coupled to a Nu Plasma MC-ICPMS
Woodhead J, Hellstrom J, Maas R, Hergt J, Shelley M & Eggins S

(2003) The Age of the Border Cave 5 Mandible
Grün R, Beaumont P, Tobias P & Eggins S

(2003) Open System U-Series Dating of Marine Mollusc Shells
Eggins S, Grün R & Murray-Wallace C

(2002) Volatile Elements in Pillow Lava Glasses from the Kermadec Arc – Havre Trough and Offshore Taupo Volcanic Zone, Southwest Pacific
Wysoczanski R, Hauri E, Gamble J, Luhr J, Eggins S & Wright I

(2002) Laser ablation-ICP-MS Compositional Profiling of Chamber Walls in Planktonic Foraminifera; Implications for Mg/Ca Thermometry
Eggins S, DeDeckker P & Marshall J

(2002) Rhenium Systematics in Submarine MORB, Arc and Back-Arc Basin Glasses by Laser Ablation ICP-MS
Sun W, Bennett V, Eggins S, Arculus R, Kamenetsky V & Falloon T

(2000) Peridotites, Gabbros and Basalts Exposed on San Jorge, Santa Isabel and Choiseul Islands (Solomon Islands): Accretion of Ontong Java Plateau's Fragments or Exhumation of Arc Related Rocks?
Berly T, Arculus R, Lapierre H & Eggins S

(2000) Remnants of the Cretaceous Colombian Oceanic Plateau in Ecuador: Evidenced by the Petrology and the Geochemistry of Picrites and Mg-Rich Basalts
Mamberti M, Lapierre H, Bosch D, Eggins S, Jaillard E, Hernandez J & Polvé M

(2000) Primary Magmas, Mantle Temperatures and Buoyancy Plumes
Green DH, Eggins S, Falloon T & Yaxley G

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