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All abstracts by Yuichi Onda in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Radiocesium Dynamics in Fukushima and Chernobyl Forests
Yoschenko V, Nanba K, Onda Y, Kashparov V & Holiaka D

(2016) Tracing the Dispersion of Sediment with Plutonium Isotope Measurements in Coastal Catchments of Fukushima
Jaegler H, Pointurier F, Onda Y, Hubert A & Evrard O

(2016) Modelling the Dilution of Radioactive Contamination in Sediment Transiting Fukushima Coastal Rivers (2011-2015)
Evrard O, Laceby JP, Onda Y, Wakiyama Y & Lefèvre I

(2016) Tracing Source Contributions to Radiocesium Contaminated Sediment with Carbon and Nitrogen Stable Isotope Ratios and Elemental Concentrations
Laceby JP, Huon S, Onda Y, Vaury V & Evrard O

(2016) Landscape Controls Fate and Transport of Radionulides in Fukushima
Onda Y, Taniguchi K, Wakiyama Y, Yoshimura K, Smith H, Brake W, Iwagami S & Kato H

(2016) Seasonality of Cs-137 Concentration of Sediments Eroded from an Undisturbed Slope in Fukushima
Wakiyama Y, Manome R, Onda Y & Yoshimura K

(2016) Numerical Simulation of Sediment-Bound 137Cs Deposition on a Floodplain of the Abukuma River
Iwasaki T, Shimizu Y & Onda Y

(2016) Vertical Profile of Dissolved 137Cs Concentrations of Soil Water in Fukushima after Fukushima Dai-Ichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident
Iwagami S, Hada M, Pun I, Kato H, Kawamori A, Tsujimura M & Onda Y

(2016) Radiocesium Distributions and Dynamics in the Fukushima Forest Ecosystems
Yoschenko V, Konoplev A, Takase T, Nanba K, Onda Y, Zheleznyak M & Kivva S

(2016) Re-suspension Processes of Radioactive Cs Emitted by the FNDPP Accident in Summer and Autumn – Possibility of Biosphere-Atmosphere Circulation of Radioactive Cs
Kita K, Kinase T, Demizu H, Igarashi Y, Adachi K, Kajino M, Yamada K, Toyoda S, Yoshida N, Ninomiya K, Shinohara A, Okochi H, Ishizuka M, Maki T, Abe Y, Nakai I, Furukawa J & Onda Y

(2016) A Modelling Approach to Describe the Vertical Distribution of Radiocaesium in the Fukushima Forest Soils
Coppin F, Martin-Garin A, Gonze M-A, Diez O, Loffredo N, Carasco L, Hurtevent P, Thiry Y, Onda Y & Simonucci C

(2016) Partitiong of Atmospherically Deposited Radiocesium by Forest Canopies Following the Fukushima Dai-Ichi NPP Accident
Kato H, Onda Y, Kawamori A & Hisadome K

(2013) Particle-Size Dependent Distribution of Radiocesium in River Sediments after the FDNPP Accident
Tanaka K, Iwatani H, Sakaguchi A, Takahashi Y & Onda Y

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