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All abstracts by Glenn MacPherson in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) The Great Carbonaceous vs. non-CArbonaceous Chondrite Isotope Schism: A Heretical View
MacPherson G & Huss G

(2018) The Nature and Timing of Refractory Element Fractionation Events in the Early Solar Nebula
MacPherson G, Krot A & Nagashima K

(2014) High-Precision Al-Mg Systematics in Forsterite-Bearing Type B CAIs
Bullock E, Nakashima D, Tenner T, Kita N, MacPherson G, Ivanova M, Krot A, Petaev M & Jacobsen S

(2014) Groundwater and Surface Water Acidification by Increasing Carbon Dioxide, Konza Prairie LTER Site, Kansas USA
Macpherson GL

(2013) Natural Cu-Al-Fe Metallic Quasicrystals in the New CV3 Meteorite Find, Khatyrka
Hollister L, Andronicos C, Bindi L, Distler V, Eddy M, Eiler J, Guan Y, Kostin A, Kryachko V, MacPherson G, Steinhardt W, Yudovskaya M & Steinhardt P

(2013) Micro-Chronology of the Earliest Solar System: Challenges for the Future
MacPherson G

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