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All abstracts by Wolfgang Morgenroth in conference series: Goldschmidt

Stabilities of MgCO3 Polymorphs up to 150 GPa
Binck J, Bayarjargal L, Lobanov SS, Morgenroth W, Luchitskaia R, Pickard CJ, Milman V, Refson K, Jochym DB, Byrne P & Winkler B

(2017) Trace-Element Fractionation Processes between Carbonates and Silicates at Mantle Conditions
Biedermann N, Appel K, Spiekermann G, Morgenroth W, Pakhomova A, Wirth R & Wilke M

(2015) Raman Spectroscopy on Pressure-Induced Spin Transitions in Garnets
Friedrich A, Winkler B, Morgenroth W, Koch-Mueller M, Rhede D, Ruiz-Fuertes J, Perlov A & Milman V

(2013) Raman Spectroscopy and Powder Diffraction Study of Synthetic Coffinite (USiO4) at High Pressures
Bauer JD, Labs S, Weiss S, Bayarjagal L, Curtius H, Morgenroth W, Bosbach D, Hennig C & Winkler B

(2013) Structural Change in Molten Basalt at Deep Mantle P-T Conditions
Sanloup C, Drewitt J, Dalladay-Simpson P, Morton D, Rai N, van Westrenen W, Konopkova Z & Morgenroth W

(2013) Phase Transition in Aluminous Silica at Lowermost Mantle P-T Conditions
Andrault D, Trønnes R, Konôpková Z, Morgenroth W & Liermann P

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