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All abstracts by Michel Legrand in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Seasonal Variations of Multiple Isotopic Compositions of Atmospheric Sulfate and Nitrate at Coastal Antarctica
Ishino S, Hattori S, Savarino J, Legrand M, Preunkert S, Joudain B & Yoshida N

(2016) Investigation of Unique Oxidizing Capacity of the Antarctic Atmosphere Based on O-Mif Signatures in Atmospheric Sulfate and Nitrate
Ishino S, Hattori S, Savarino J, Jourdain B, Preunkert S, Legrand M & Yoshida N

(2013) First Investigations of IO, BrO, and NO2 Summer Atmospheric Levels at a Coastal East Antarctic Site Using Mode-Locked Cavity Enhanced Absorption Spectroscopy
Grilli R, Méjean G, Legrand M, Preunkert S & Romanini D

(2013) Continuous Carbon Monoxide Measurements along the NEEM-2011-S1 Ice Core: In situ Production and Potential for Atmospheric Reconstruction
Faïn X, Chappellaz J, Rhodes R, Stowasser C, Blunier T, McConnell J, Brook E, Legrand M, Desbois T & Romanini D

(2009) Major Sources of PM2.5 Organic Aerosols in Europe: Predominance of Biomass Burning and Secondary Organic Aerosols (SOA)
Gelencsér A, May B, Simpson D, Sánchez-Ochoa A, Kasper-Giebl A, Puxbaum H, Caseiro A, Pio C & Legrand M

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