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All abstracts by Marc-Antoine Longpré in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Evolution of 3He/4He Ratios in the 2021 Cumbre Vieja Lavas
Cohen M, Horton F, Longpré M-A, Curtice J & Kurz MD

(2022) Synchronous Sulfur and Chlorine Isotope Ratio Measurement in Apatite via SIMS
Economos R & Longpré M-A

(2021) Evidence for Oxidised Sulfur in the Mantle beneath the Western Canary Islands Revealed by the Sulfur Isotopic Composition of Melt Inclusions
Taracsák Z, Hartley ME, Burgess R, Edmonds M, Longpré M-A, Tartese R & Turchyn A(

(2020) Assembly of Monotonous Basaltic Andesite Magmas at Momotombo Volcano, Nicaragua, and the 2015–2016 Eruption
Tramontano S, Zayac JM, Aldebot S, Espinoza E & Longpré M-A

(2020) Apatite Sulfur Isotope Ratios in the 1257 Samalas Eruption (Indonesia)
Economos R, Jackson Y, Ding S, Longpré M-A, Vidal C, Pratomo I & Hertwig A

(2020) Melt Inclusions Suggest Top-Down Control on Eruptive Style at Masaya Volcano
Hlinka L, Longpré M-A, Pérez W, Kutterolf S & Monteleone B

(2020) Tracking Sulfur Behavior and fO2 Evolution in the 1257 CE Samalas Magma Reservoir (Indonesia)
Ding S, Longpré M-A, Economos R, Fiege A, Vidal C & Pratomo I

(2020) Episodic Influx of Mantle-Derived Magma Precedes Eruptions at Cumbre Vieja Volcano, La Palma, Canary Islands
Tramontano S & Longpré M-A

(2020) A Geochemical and Textural Cross-Section of a Compositionally Zoned Magma Reservoir
Zayac J & Longpré M-A

(2020) Understanding Magmatic Processes Prior to the 1257 CE Mount Samalas Eruption Through Plagioclase Zoning Patterns
Kenis L, Ding S, Economos R, Vidal C, Pratomo I & Longpré M-A

(2017) Generation and Evolution of Volatile-Rich Magmas from El Hierro, Canary Islands
Taracsák Z, Hartley ME, Longpré M-A, Burgess R & Edmonds M

(2015) Sulphur Isotope Systematics in Volcanic Sulphides and Glasses from El Hierro, Canary Islands
Beaudry P, Longpré M-A, Economos R, Wing B, Bui TH & Stix J

(2015) Degassing, Redox and Sulfide Saturation of Sulfur-Rich Basanite at El Hierro, Canary Islands
Longpré M-A, Beaudry P, Shimizu N & Stix J

(2014) Mixing in the Deep: Magma Plumbing in Space and Time at El Hierro, Canary Islands
Longpré M-A, Klügel A, Diehl A & Stix J

(2013) Petrological Constraints on Magma Plumbing Dynamics of the 2011 El Hierro Eruption (Canary Islands)
Klügel A, Longpré M-A & Stix J

(2012) Magma Chamber Processes Leading to the January 1835 Eruption of Cosigueina Volcano, Nicaragua
Longpre M-A, Stix J, Munoz A & Espinoza E

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