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All abstracts by Mathieu Leisen in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Zirconium Isotopic Compositions of Igneous Zircon Reveal Dominantly Equilibrium Crystallization Conditions throughout Earth’s History
Laurent O, Leisen M, Chmeleff J, Méheut M, Borisova AY & Gaborit N

(2023) Numerical Simulation of the Formation of the IDDP-1 Rhyolitic Melt (Krafla Volcano, Iceland)
Melnik OE, Borisova AY, Gaborit N, Bindeman IN, Laurent O, Traillou T, Raffarin M, Stefánsson A, Llovet X, Parseval PD, Proietti A, Tait S, Vazquez JA & Leisen M

(2019) How are Critical Elements Distributed in a World-Class Porphyry Cu Deposit?
Reich M, Crespo J, Barra F, Leisen M, Romero R, Verdugo JJ & Martinez C

(2019) Geochemical Features of “Invisible Gold” in Pyrites from the Akeshi and Kasuga Deposits, Kagoshima, Japan
Ishida M, Romero R, Leisen M, Torimoto J, Nozaki T, Yasukawa K, Fujinaga K, Nakamura K, Reich M & Kato Y

(2018) Geochemical and Micro-Textural Fingerprints of Boiling in Pyrite
Reich M, Román N, Leisen M, Barra F, Morata D & Deditius A

(2018) Magnetite Geochemistry from Andean Kiruna-Type Deposits
Barra F, Reich M, Simon A, Rojas P, Knipping J, Salazar E, Leisen M & Deditius A

(2015) Geochemistry of Precious Metals and Metalloids in Silica Sinter Deposits from Puchuldiza, Northern Chile: Implications for Metal Transport and Precipitation in High-Altitud Active Geothermal Environments
Sánchez C, Reich M, Leisen M, Morata D & Barra F

(2015) Estimation of pH in Quartz-Hosted Fluid Inclusions by Coupling Pitzer-Duan Thermodynamic Modeling, Raman Spectroscopy, LA-ICPMS Analysis and Microthermometric Data
Leisen M, Dubessy J, Caumon M-C & Robert P

(2013) Origin of Brines Associated with the Bou Azzer Silver Deposit, Anti-Atlas, Morroco: A LA-ICPMS Study of Individual Fluid Inclusions
Leisen M, Boiron M-C, Essaraj S & Dubessy J

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