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All abstracts by Nadine Kabengi in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) A Novel Surface Complexation Model Approach to Account for Substitution in Minerals: A Case Study of Aluminum-Ferrihydrites
Adams FT, Machesky M & Kabengi N

(2020) Reconciling Calculated and Measured Adsorption Enthalpies for Oxyanions on Rutile (110)
Adams F, Phan K, Kubicki J & Kabengi N

(2019) A Calorimetric Analysis of Sulfate Adsorption on Ferrihydrites: The Influence of Aluminum Substitution
Kabengi N & Namayandeh A

(2019) Interfacial Chemistry of Lanthanides Under Nano-Scale Confinement
Ilgen A, Loera L, Knight A, Ilani-Kashkouli P, Leung K & Kabengi N

(2018) A Comparative Study of the Energetics of Alkali and Alkali Metal Cation Exchange Reaction on Rutile, Quartz and Mxene Surfaces Using Immersion and Flow Calorimetry
Ilani-kashkouli P, Stroeva E, Navrotsky A, Wesolowski D & Kabengi N

(2018) Deciphering the Energy Landscapes of Exchange and Adsorption Reactions at Solid-Aqueous Interfaces Through Calorimetric Measurements
Kabengi N

(2017) Alkali Metal Cation Adsorption on Oxide Surfaces
Machesky M, Predota M, Ridley M, Kabengi N & Wesolowski D

(2017) A Combined Flow Microcalorimetry and Surface Complexation Modeling Study of Ion Exchange Thermodynamics at the Rutile-Water Interface
Kabengi N, Hawkins T, Allen N, Machesky M & Wesolowski D

(2016) A Comparative Thermochemical Study of Ion Exchange at Metal Oxides-Solution Interfaces Using Flow Microcalorimetry
Kabengi N, Allen N, Hawkins T & Machesky M

(2013) Experimental and Computational Spectra and Thermodynamics of Biogeochemical Interfaces
Kubicki J & Kabengi N

(2013) An Integrated Approach to Build Surface Complexation Models for Chromate on Iron Oxides
Chrysochoou M, Kabengi N, Machesky M, Johnston C & Kubicki J

(2011) Transformations of Silver Nanoparticles in Environmental Systems
Reinsch B, Ma R, Levard C, Kabengi N, Brown G, Kim C & Lowry G

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