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All abstracts by Anthony I. S. Kemp in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Eoarchean Crust in the Napier Complex of East Antarctica: Isotopic Insights from U-Pb-Hf in Zircon
Dunkley D, Kusiak M, Wilde S, Kemp A & Whitehouse M

(2016) Detrital Zircons Record Rigid Continents after 2.5 Ga
Iaccheri LM & Kemp AIS

(2015) Zircon Hf- and O-Isotope Constraints on the Evolution of the Paleoproterozoic Baoulé-Mossi Domain of the West African Craton
Parra-Avila L, Fiorentini ML, Belousova E, Kemp AIS, Miller J & McCuaig TC

(2015) Pillow Basalts from the Mount Ada Basalt, Warrawoona Group, Pilbara Craton: Impications for the Initiation of Grainite-Greenstone Terrains
Murphy DT, Trofimovs J, Hepple RA, Wiemer D, Kemp A & Hickman A

(2015) The Geodynamic Setting of Continental Crust Generation Through Pb Isotopes on Mineral Inclusions within Zircon
Delavault H, Dhuime B, Hawkesworth C, Cawood P, Marschall H, Bruant E, Kemp T &  EIMF

(2015) Growth of Continental Crust Begins in Earnest at ~3.8 Ga
Vervoort J, Fisher C, Kemp A, Bauer A & Bowring S

(2015) In situ Isotopic Measurements on Mineral Inclusions as a New Window on Crustal Evolution Studies
Dhuime B, Delavault H, Hawkesworth C, Cawood P, Marschall H, Bruand E, Kemp T, Lewis J &  EIMF

(2013) The Myth of a Highly Heterogeneous Hf-Nd Eoarchean Mantle and Large Early Crustal Volumes
Vervoort J, Fisher C & Kemp A

(2013) New Zircon U-Pb Age and Hf-Isotope of the Birimian Terrane of the West Africa Craton
Parra LA, Fiorentini ML, Belousova E, Kemp AIS, Miller J, McCuaig TC & Said N

(2013) Juvenile Crustal Growth during the Palaeoproterozoic: U-Pb-O-Hf Isotopes of Detrital Zircon from Ghana
Kristinsdóttir B, Scherstén A, Kemp A & Petersson A

(2007) Tracing the Lost Arcs: Granitic Zircon as a Geodynamic Indicator?
Kemp A, Hawkesworth C, Collins W & Shimura T

(2006) The case for crust-mantle interaction during silicic magma genesis: the zircon testimony
Kemp AIS, Hawkesworth CJ, Paterson BA, Foster GL, Woodhead JD, Hergt JM & Wormald RJ

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