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All abstracts by Norbert Jordan in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Np(V) Uptake by the Cladding Corrosion Product Zirconia: A Combined Batch, Spectroscopic, and Modeling Approach
Jessat I, Rossberg A, Scheinost AC, Luetzenkirchen J, Foerstendorf H & Jordan N

(2022) A Critical Review of the Solution Chemistry, Solubility, and Thermodynamics of Eu(III)
Jordan N, Thoenen T, Starke S, Spahiu K & Brendler V

(2021) Complexation of Cm(III) and Eu(III) with Aqueous Phosphates at Elevated Temperatures
Jordan N, Huittinen N, Jessat I, Réal F, Vallet V, Starke S & Eibl M

(2021) Reactive Transport of Selenite and Strontium Through a Goethite Coated Sand Column
Zunftmeister L, Nie Z, Heberling F, Luetzenkirchen J, Finck N, Liu C, Marsac R, Jordan N & Hanna K

(2021) Sorption Studies of Np(V) onto the Zircaloy Corrosion Product ZrO2
Jessat I, Foerstendorf H & Jordan N

(2019) Radionuclide Sorption in Heterogeneous Systems: From Model Mineral Oxides to Complex Rocks
Schierz A, Stockmann M, Jordan N, Foerstendorf H, Steudtner R, Bok F & Brendler V

(2018) Consolidation of Surface Speciations by a Combined Spectroscopic and Modeling Approach
Foerstendorf H, Jordan N, Heim K, Mayordomo N, Steudtner R, Stockmann M & Lützenkirchen J

(2017) Fate of Biological Selenium(0) Nanoparticles at Elevated Temperature
Fischer S, Jain R, Tsushima S & Jordan N

(2017) Development of a Thermodynamic Database for Europium
Jordan N, Huittinen N, Lösch H, Barkleit A, Bok F, Heller A & Brendler V

(2016) Incorporation of Eu(III) into Calcite Under Different Recrystallization Conditions
Hellebrandt SE, Hofmann S, Jordan N, Barkleit A, Schmidt M & Hellebrandt S

(2016) Development of a Quality-Assured Thermodynamic Database for Rare Earth Elements
Jordan N, Barkleit A, Steudtner R, Bok F, Heller A & Brendler V

(2015) Advanced Methods for Optimized Biomining and Processing of REE from Ion-Adsorption Clay Deposits, Madagascar
Zeidler L, Stuetzer M, Kunze G, Kutschke S, Jordan N & Haschke M

(2015) The Surface Complexes of the Oxoanions of Se(VI) and Tc(VII) at Mineral-Water Interfaces
Foerstendorf H, Heim K, Franzen C & Jordan N

(2014) Uptake of Selenium Oxyanions by Hematite
Jordan N, Domaschke S, Foerstendorf H, Scheinost AC, Franzen C, Zimmermann V, Weiss S & Heim K

(2013) Sorption and Desorption Processes of U(VI) on Iron (Hydr)oxide Phases
Foerstendorf H, Heim K & Jordan N

(2013) Interaction of Eu(III) with Calcium Carbonate: Spectroscopic Characterization
Sabau A, Jordan N, Lomenech C, Marmier N, Brendler V, Barkleit A, Toulhoat N, Pipon Y, Surble S, Giffaut E & Moncoffre N

(2013) Retention of Selenate at the Water-Mineral Interface in the Context of Salt Dome Repositories
Franzen C, Hering D & Jordan N

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