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All abstracts by Lawrence Anovitz in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) The Effects of Chemomechanical Processes on Limestone Weathering
Cheshire M, Anovitz L, Prisk T, Emmanuel S, Weber J, Brantley S, Bleuel M, Ilavsky J, Mildner D & Gagnon C

(2018) Neutron-Based Multi-Scale, Multi-Modal Imaging of Geological Systems
Hussey D, LaManna J, Jacobson D, Treiman A & Anovitz L

(2018) Structure and Dynamics of Water on Forsterite Surface
Liu T, Gautam S, Wang H-W, Anovitz L, Cole D & Mamontov E

(2018) Properties of Ultra-Confined Water: Effects on Phase Stability
Anovitz L, Kolesnikov A, Hoffmann C, Reiter G, Prisk T, Kent P, Mamontov E & Wesolowksi D

(2018) Correlating Mineral-Water Interface Structure to Particle Interactions and Emergent Phenomena
Chun J, Nakouzi E, Soltis J, Legg B, Schenter G, Zhang X, Graham T, Rosso K, Anovitz L & De Yoreo J

(2018) Surface Energy of Fayalite and its Effect on Fe-Si-O Oxygen Buffers and the Olivine-Spinel Transition
Lilova K, Navrotsky A, DeAngelis M & Anovitz L

(2016) Architected Geomaterial Development for Geochemical Research
Anovitz L, Cheshire M, DiStefano V, Prisk T, Mildner D & Littrell K

(2015) Multiscale Effects of Reactivity and Flow Rate on Porosity during Dissolution of Carbonates
Anovitz L, Novack C, Prisk T, Ilavsky J, Hammons J, Mildner D, Wasborough M, Jacobson D & Hussey D

(2014) Microscale Characteristics and Macroscale Disequilibria in Hydraulically Fractured Utica Shale
Swift A, Cole D, Sheets J, Anovitz L, Welch S, Gu X, Mildner D & Chipera S

(2014) Nano to Macro-Porosity of Eagle Ford and Marcellus Shales: Characterization of Porosity Evolution
Gordon A, Stack A, Anovitz L, McFarlane J, Littrell K & Rother G

(2014) (U)SANS and Imaging Analysis of Changes in Multiscale Porosity in the St. Peter Sandstone with Burial Diagenesis
Anovitz L, Cole D, Rother G, Littrell K, Wasbrough M, Pipich V, Fu Z & Freiburg J

(2014) Vibrational Dynamics and Tunneling of Water in Beryl
Kolesnikov A, Anovitz L, Mamontov E, Podlesnyak A & Ehlers G

(2012) (U)SANS Analysis of Experimental Dissolution and Formation of Quartz Overgrowths in St. Peter Sandstone
Anovitz L, Cole D, Jackson A, Rother G, Littrell K & Allard L

(2011) Nanometer to Centimeter Scale Analysis and Modeling of Pore Structures in Geologic CO2 Storage Formations and Caprocks
Anovitz L, Vlcek L, Rother G & Cole D

(2010) Chemical, Isotopic and Structural Features Associated with Mineral-Fluid Systems Far from Equilibrium
Cole D, Labotka T, Fayek M, Utsunomiya S, DeAngelis M & Anovitz L

(2010) O and H Diffusion in Uraninite: Implications for Fluid-Uraninite Interactions and Nuclear Forensics
Fayek M, Anovitz L, Cole D & Bostick D

(2010) Analysis of Nano-Porosity in the St. Peter Sandstone Using (Ultra) Small Angle Neutron Scattering
Anovitz L, Cole D, Rother G, Valley J & Jackson A

(2010) Pico- to Nano-Second Dynamics of Water on Mineral Surfaces
Mamontov E, Vlcek L, Wesolowski D, Cole D, Anovitz L, Wang W & Cummings P

(2008) Near Equilibrium Investigations of Quartz and Forsterite Dissolution
Davis M, Wesolowski D, Anovitz L, Allard L, Brantley S & Mueller K

(2008) Probing the Cassiterite (110) – Water Interface Structure with X-Ray Scattering Method
Zhang Z, Fenter P, Wesolowski D & Anovitz L

(2008) Quasielastic Neutron Scattering Coupled with Classical Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Water Diffusion at Metal Oxide Surfaces
Wesolowski D, Mamontov E, Vlcek L, Wang W, Cummings P, Rosenqvist J, Anovitz L & Cole D

(2008) A New Approach to Quantification of Metamorphism Using Ultra-Small and Small Angle Neutron Scattering
Anovitz L, Lynn G, Cole D, Rother G, Allard L, Hamilton W, Porcar L & Kim M-H

(2005) „Hydration‰ of Rhyolitic Glasses: Comparison between High- and Low-Temperature Processes
Anovitz L, Riciputi L, Cole D & Fayek M

(2005) Magnetite Transformation to Hematite Under High H2 Pressure at 150 Degree C
Otake T, Wesolowski D, Anovitz L, Hayashi K & Ohmoto H

(2005) Experimental Approaches to Predict the Behavior of Liquid Films
Palmer D, Anovitz L, Cole D, Fayek M, Gruszkiewicz M, Riciputi L, Wesolowski D & Wilson L

(2001) Solubility and Surface Adsorption Characteristics of Metal Oxides to High Temperature
Wesolowski DJ, Machesky ML, Ziemniak SE, Xiao C, Palmer DA, Anovitz LM & Bénézeth P

(2001) A New Experimental Method for Determining Liquid-Vapor Equilibria in the CO2-H2O System at High Subcritical Temperatures
Blencoe JG, Naney MT & Anovitz LM

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