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All abstracts by Itay Halevy in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Ferruginous vs. Euxinic Conditions Through Ocean History as Regulated by the Thermodynamics, Kinetics, and Competition of Microbial Pathways
Katsev S & Halevy I

(2023) An ab Initio Study of Sulfate and Magnesium Impurities in CaCO3 and their Effects on Mineral-Solution Equilibrium Isotope Fractionations
Pramanik C & Halevy I

(2023) Clues on Methane’s Biogeochemistry and Associated Heterotrophic Microbes in Marine Sediments from AOM Enrichment Cultures
Elvert M, Zhu Q, Gropp J, Taubner H, Halevy I, Hinrichs K-U & Wegener G

(2023) The Precambrian S-Cycle Viewed Through the Lense of Microscale Isotopic Observations
Pasquier V, Marin-Carbonne J & Halevy I

(2021) Explaining Sulfate-Driven Isotope Effects in Anaerobic Oxidation of Methane Using a Metabolic-Isotopic Model
Gropp J, Wegener G, Taubner H, Elvert M & Halevy I

(2021) How Local Depositional Conditions Control Marine Sedimentary Pyrite Sulfur Isotopes: A Framework Integrating Bulk and Micro-Scale SIMS Analyses
Fike DA, Houghton J, Jones C, Bryant RN, Scarponi D, Pasquier V, Halevy I & Aller R

(2021) Unravelling Early Diagenesis: New Insight from Microscale Minor Sulfur Isotopes
Pasquier V, Decraene M-N, Marin-Carbonne J, Thomazo C, Fike DA & Halevy I

(2021) Multiple Local Controls on Pyrite Sulfur Isotopes and Implications for Reading the Sedimentary Pyrite Record
Halevy I, Pasquier V, Bryant RN & Fike DA

(2021) Calcium Isotope Fractionation during (A)biogenic Calcium Carbonate Precipitation
Paris G, Caro G, Barkan Y, Dellinger M, West J & Halevy I

(2021) Kinetic Isotope Effect in Siderite Growth; An Abiotic Origin for Depleted δ13C-siderite in Banded Iron Formations
Jiang CZ, Halevy I & Tosca NJ

(2020) Kinetic Isotope Effect of C in Siderite Growth at 298.15 K
Jiang CZ, Halevy I & Tosca N

(2019) Trace Metal Interaction with Ferrihydrite: Application to Precambrian Biogeochemical Cycles
Sugiyama I & Halevy I

(2019) Modeling Stable Isotope Fractionation in Microbial Methane Production
Gropp J, Jin Q, Iron MA & Halevy I

(2019) Sturtian Meteoric and Marine Ice Volume Constrained by Oxygen Isotopes in Marine Fe Oxides
Galili N, Shemesh A, Yam R, Bekker A, Macdonald F & Halevy I

(2019) Understanding Microscale Isotopic Patterns in Pyrite Using a Two-Dimensional Reaction-Diffusion Model
Hegyi S & Halevy I

(2019) Controls on Sulfur Isotope Ratios in Modern Marine and Geologic Pyrite
Halevy I, Fike D, Pasquier V & Bryant R

(2019) Sulfur Isotopes Track the Amplitude and Dynamics of Global Sea-Level Fluctuation Since the Mid-Cenozoic
Pasquier V, Bryant RN, Fike DA & Halevy I

(2019) Sulfate in Biogenic Carbonates: A Simple yet Complicated Story
Paris G, Dellinger M, Thaler C, Bartolini A, Barkan Y, Halevy I, Sessions A, Adkins J, West J, Gardin S, Ruiz-Pino D & Perez-Huerta A

(2019) Implications of Bloom Dynamics for Phytoplankton-Based pCO2 Estimates
McClelland H, Halevy I, Bruggeman J & Bradley A

(2018) Deciphering the Atmospheric Signal in Marine Sulfate Oxygen Isotope Composition
Waldeck AR, Cowie BR, Bertran E, Halevy I, Wing BA & Johnston DT

(2018) A Mechanistic Understanding of Oxygen Isotope Effects during Microbial Sulfate Reduction
Bertran E, Waldeck A, Wing B, Halevy I, Leavitt W, Bradley A & Johnston D

(2018) Depositional Conditions Control Marine Sedimentary Pyrite Isotopes
Bryant R, Jones C, Pasquier V, Halevy I & Fike D

(2018) Multiple S Isotope Ratios of Glacial vs. Interglacial Pyrite: Insight into the Controls on Diagenetic Signals in Marine Sediments
Pasquier V, SansJofre P, Cartigny P, Fike D & Halevy I

(2017) Kinetic Isotope Effects during Witherite (BaCO3) Formation
Sade Z, Yam R, Shemesh A & Halevy I

(2017) Understanding Isotope Fractionation in Microbial Methanogenesis
Gropp J, Jin Q, Iron MA & Halevy I

(2017) Carbonate Associated Sulfate's Journey along the "Elderfield Curve"
Paris G, Adkins J, Barkan Y, Halevi I, Present T, Rennie V, Sessions A & Turchyn S

(2017) Relating the δ34S of Carbonate Associated Sulfate to Solution Composition and Precipitation Rate
Barkan Y, Paris G, Iron MA, Adkins JF, Sessions AL & Halevy I

(2017) The Geologic History of Seawater δ18O from Marine Fe Oxides
Galili N, Yam R, Shemesh A & Halevy I

(2017) Identity and Abundance of Iron- and Sulfur-Metabolizers in a Paleoproterozoic Ocean Analogue
Koeksoy E, Halama M, Hagemann N, Byrne JM, Kleindienst S, Sundman A, Laufer K, Hanselmann K, Halevy I, Konhauser KO, Schoenberg R & Kappler A

(2017) Organic Matter and Fe Competition on Reduced S during Deposition of Senonian Organic-Rich Chalk in Israel
Shawar L, Halevy I, Said-Ahmad W, Boyko V, Kamyshny A, Feinstein S & Amrani A

(2017) The Role of Green Rust in the Genesis of Iron Formations and Implications for Trace Metal and Nutrient Cycles
Halevy I, Alesker M, Schuster E, Popovitz-Biro R & Feldman Y

(2016) Paleoenvironmental Constraints on the Mechanism of Archean Mass-Independent Sulfur Isotope Fractionation
Halevy I

(2016) Experimental Investigation of Kinetic Isotope Effects on Oxygen during CO2 Hydroxylation
Thaler C, Yam R, Shemesh A, Ader M & Halevy I

(2016) Kinetic Fractionation of Oxygen Isotopes during CO2(aq) (De)hydration and (De)hydroxylation: Revisiting Theoretical and Experimental Data
Sade Z & Halevy I

(2015) The Evolution of Ocean pH
Halevy I & Bachan A

(2014) Extracting Environmental Information from Phanerozoic Sulfur Isotope Records
Johnston DT, Leavitt WD, Bradley AS, Halevy I & Cowie BR

(2014) Towards Mechanistic Interpretation of Multiple Spatio-Temporal Proxy Records of Earth's Oxygenation
Halevy I

(2014) Kinetic Isotope Effects during Carbonate Mineral Formation
Sade Z, Yam R, Shemesh A & Halevy I

(2014) Isotopic Memory of the Life History of Sulfate-Respiring Microbes
Pellerin A, Wing B & Halevy I

(2014) Relating the Concentration and Isotopic Composition of Carbonate Associated Sulfate to Parent Solutions
Barkan Y, Paris G, Sessions A, Adkins J & Halevy I

(2014) A Green Rust Precursor to Precambrian Iron Formations?
Halevy I, Alesker M, Popovitz R, Feldman Y & Schuster E

(2014) Kinetics of Sulfite Disproportionation and Thiosulfate Acid Dissociation
Mirzoyan N & Halevy I

(2014) Bassanite Formation on Mars
Benisti I, Schuster E & Halevy I

(2014) Isotopic Fractionation and Trace Element Partitioning of Green Rust
Schuster E, Yam R, Shemesh A & Halevy I

(2014) A Blueprint for the Sulfur Isotope Phenotypes of Sufate-Respiring Microbes
Wing B & Halevy I

(2013) Ocean Chemistry Before and after the Rise of Atmospheric O2
Halevy I

(2013) The Mesozoic Dolomites of the Levant Margin – Evaluating Dolomitization Style and Mechanism from Configuration and Stable Isotope Geochemistry
Bialik OM, Halevy I & Higgins JA

(2012) Stratigraphic Constraints on Critical Fluxes in the Phanerozoic Sulfur Cycle
Halevy I, Peters S & Fischer W

(2010) Explaining the Structure of the Archean Mass-Independent Sulfur Isotope Record
Halevy I, Johnston D & Schrag D

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