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All abstracts by Justin Hayles in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Theoretical Silicon Isotope Fractionation between Aqueous and Solid Silica Species
Hayles J

(2020) New Insights on the Biogenicity of South Africa’s Oldest Stromatolites
Homann M, Lalonde S, Van Zuilen M, Gong J, Patry L, Hayles J, Walsh M, Lowe D & Byerly G

(2018) Equilibrium Hydrogen and Oxygen Isotope Fractionation between Water Ice and Vapor
Cao X, Bao H, Liu Y, Wang J, Hayles J, Peng Y & Santra B

(2018) Two-Billion-Year-Old-Evaporites Capture Earth’s Great Oxidation
Blättler C, Claire M, Prave A, Kirsimäe K, Higgins J, Medvedev P, Romashkin A, Rychanchik D, Zerkle A, Paiste K, Kreitsmann T, Millar I, Hayles J, Bao H, Turchyn A, Warke M & Lepland A

(2018) Insights into the Genesis of post-Marinoan Barite Using Ba Isotopes
Crockford P, Wing B, Paytan A, Halverson G, Torres M, Hayles J, Caxito F, Uhlein G & Horner T

(2016) Triple Oxygen Isotope Geochemistry
Bao H, Cao X & Hayles J

(2014) Extreme Environmental Changes Accompanying the Marinoan Deglaciation: Multiple O and S Isotope Evidence from NW Canada
Crockford PW, Cowie BR, Bui TH, Pellerin A, Sugiyama I, Hayles J, Hoffman PF, Macdonald FA, Halverson GP, Johnston DT & Wing BA

(2013) Exhalation and Inhalation of Cera Lattice Oxygen: A Triple Oxygen Isotope Persective
Hayles J & Bao H

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