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All abstracts by Tommaso Giovanardi in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Metasomatized Mantle Xenoliths from Canastra-1 Kimberlite, Southern Edge of the São Francisco Craton
Braga LG, Jalowitzki T, Rocha MP, Gervasoni F, Mazzucchelli M, Giovanardi T, Novais Rodrigues E, Dalla Costa M, Fuck RA, Rubiano GM, Bertotto GW & Santos RV

(2021) Orogenic to Anorogenic Signatures in Mesozoic Intra-Plate Magmatism: Evidence from Alkali-Rich Dykes in the Finero Phlogopite Peridotite (Ivrea-Verbano Zone, Southern Alps)
Ogunyele AC, Giovanardi T, Bonazzi M, Mazzucchelli M & Zanetti A

(2017) Melt-Rock Interaction at Mantle Conditions: Evidences from Finero Gabbroic Dykes
Giovanardi T, Cipriani A, Lugli F, Morishita T, Dallai L, Zanetti A & Mazzucchelli M

(2016) Comparing the Cana Brava and Niquelândia Complexes: Large Mafic-Ultramafic Intrusions in the Lower Crust and Contamination Processes
Giovanardi T, Girardi VAV, Correia CT, Sinigoi S, Tassinari CCG, Mazzucchelli M & Sforna MC

(2013) U-Pb and Hf Isotopes in Zircons from Mantle Chromitites of the Finero Peridotite (Ivrea Verbano Zone)
Giovanardi T, Zanetti A, Mazzucchelli M, Tiepolo M, Wu F, Langone A & Vannucci R

(2013) New Insights into the Evolution of the Finero Mafic Complex
Langone A, Renna MR, Tiepolo M, Zanetti A, Mazzucchelli M & Giovanardi T

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