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All abstracts by Emmanuelle Geslin in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Benthic Manganese Cycle Studied with 2D High Spatial Resolution Methods at Contrasted Oxygen Conditions in Gullmar Fjord
Choquel C, Metzger E, Geslin E, Jauffrais T, Thibault de Chanvalon A, Filipsson H, Launeau P, Giraud M, Risgaard-Petersen N & Mouret A

(2017) Manganese, Iron and Phosphorus Cycling in the Loire Estuary: Outcomes from the RS2E-Osuna Project
Metzger E, Thibault de Chanvalon A, Launeau P, Geslin E, Knoery J & Mouret A

(2015) A New View of Iron Cycling in Intertidal Mudflats: Two-Dimensional Mapping of Iron and Phosphorus Release at Submillimeter Scale
Thibault de Chanvalon A, Metzger E, Mouret A, Cesbron F, Knoery J, Launeau P, Geslin E, Van de Velde S & Meysman FJR

(2015) Influence of Hydrology on Manganese and Iron Deposition and Recycling in an Intertidal Mudflat of Loire Estuary
Metzger E, Thibault de Chanvalon A, Mouret A, Geslin E, Bénéteau E, Nardelli MP, Maillet G, Méléder V, Brach-Papa C, Knoery J & Launeau P

(2013) Use of Homogenized Sediment in Experimental Setup: Re-stabilization of Redox Fronts and Artifacts due to Sieving Methods
Nardelli MP, Metzger E, Barras C, Jorissen F & Geslin E

(2013) Artificially Induced Migration of Redox Layers in Adriatic Sediments
Metzger E, Langlet D, Viollier E, Koron N, Riedel B, Stachowitch M, Zuschin M, Faganeli J, Tharaud M, Geslin E & Jorissen F

(2012) Influence of Zostera Meadows on Geochemistry and Meiofauna of the Sediment of a Tidal Lagoon (Arcachon Basin): New Technical Approaches
Metzger E, Jezequel D, Geslin E, Cesbron F, Charrieau L, Delgard M-L, Deflandre B, Jorissen F & Anschutz P

(2010) Survival of Benthic Foraminifera (Globobulimina turgida) Through Intracellular Nitrate Respiration: A Laboratory Experiment
Koho K, Piña-Ochoa E, Geslin E & Risgaard-Petersen N

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