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All abstracts by Jean-Pierre Girard in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Geochemistry of CH4 Isotopologues (13CH3D and 12CH2D2) within Fluid Inclusions in Alpine Tectonic Quartz Fissures
Mangenot XA, Tarantola A, Girard J-P, Le VH, Mullis J & Eiler J

(2021) U-Pb and Th-Pb Dating of Diagenetic/Hydrothermal Phases in the Pre-Salt Series, Angola Offshore: Implication for the Paleo-Thermal History during South Atlantic Rifting
Godeau N, Girard J-P, Guihou A, Hamelin B & Deschamps P

(2021) U-Pb Dating of Carbonates from LA-ICP-MS Isotope Ratio Maps: Comparison between Different Data Processing Methods
Hoareau G, Claverie F, Pecheyran C, Paroissin C, Grignard P-A, Motte G, Chailan O & Girard J-P

(2020) Generation of Thermogenic Methane in the Central Alps (Switzerland) during Mid Miocene Metamorphism – New Insights from Paired Clumped Isotopologues (13CH3D and 12CH2D2)
Mangenot X, Tarantola A, Girard J-P, Le VH, Mullis J & Eiler J

(2019) U-Pb Dating of Carbonates by UV Femtosecond LA-ICPMS: Toward Reliable Ages from Isotopic Images and Without the Need for a Carbonate Primary Standard
Hoareau G, Claverie F, Pecheyran C, Grignard P-A, Chailan O & Girard J-P

(2019) Diagenetic Silicification in the Presalt Carbonate Reservoirs of the Kwanza Basin, Offshore Angola: Constrains from Fluid Inclusions, Stable Isotopes and U-Pb Dating
Girard J-P, San Miguel G, Teboul P-A & Godeau N

(2018) Sr87/86 SIMS Microanalysis of Diagenetic Carbonates and Sulfates: Preliminary Results and Perspectives
Girard J-P & Deloule E

(2017) An Integrated Study of a Case of Complex Hydrothermal Diagenesis in a PreSalt Reservoir Offshore Angola
Girard J-P, San Miguel G, Godeau N & Deschamps P

(2016) U/Pb Dating of Carbonates: A Novel Approach for Rapid Identification of Appropriate Samples
Godeau N, Deschamps P, Guihou A, Angeletti B, Hamelin B, Girard J-P & Teinturier S

(2014) The Relationship between Clumped Isotope Temperatures and Burial Depth in Dolomitic Sequences
MacDonald J, John C & Girard J-P

(2013) Application of Clumped Isotope Thermometry to Subsurface Dolostone Samples
MacDonald J, John C & Girard J-P

(2002) Isotopic Study of CO2 and CH4 Out-Gassed from Argillites Investigated for Radioactive Waste Repository
Girard J-P, Fléhoc C, Gaucher E, Prinzhofer A & Chappellaz J

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