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All abstracts by Bo-Magnus Elfers in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) The 138La-138Ce Chondritic Reference Parameters
Schnabel C, Hasenstab E, Elfers B-M, Marien CS, Münker C & Strub E

(2019) The Ru Isotope Composition of the Earth’s Pre-Late Veneer Mantle
Fischer-Gödde M, Elfers B-M, Münker C, Szilas K, Maier W, Morishita T, Smithies H & Messling N

(2018) Ruthenium Isotope Constraints on the Timing of Volatile Element Accretion
Fischer-Gödde M, Elfers B-M, Münker C, Maier W, Szilas K & Morishita T

(2017) Coupled Nucleosynthetic Zr and Hf Isotope Inventory in Chondrites
Elfers B-M, Sprung P, Messling N, Womacher F, Pfeifer M & Münker C

(2015) The Hf and W Isotope Inventory of Sequentially Leached Chondrites
Elfers B-M, Peters S, Sprung P, Wombacher F & Münker C

(2015) An Improved Understanding of Martian Hf-W Geochronology
Münker C, Elfers BM, Schulz T & Garbe Schönberg D

(2013) Isotope Anomalies of Hf and W in Chondrite Leachates and Residues Isotope Anomalies of Hf and W in Chondrite Leachates and Residues
Elfers B-M, Peters STM, Wombacher F & Muenker C

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