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All abstracts by Marie Edmonds in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Water-Rich Versus Water-Poor: Maximising the Outgassing Metal Flux from Arc Volcanoes
Hogg OR, Edmonds M & Blundy JD

(2022) Volatile Trace Element Emissions from Magmatic Degassing and Lava-Water Interaction during the 2021 Cumbre Vieja Eruption, La Palma
Liu EJ, Edmonds M, Ilyinskaya E, Mather TA, Wood KT, Hammond SJ, Jenner FE, Hernandez PA, Pankhurst MJ & Perez Rodriguez N

(2022) Integrated Insights into Global Subducting Slab Dehydration from Arc Magmas
Barber ND, Edmonds M, Williams HM & Jenner FE

(2021) Evidence for Oxidised Sulfur in the Mantle beneath the Western Canary Islands Revealed by the Sulfur Isotopic Composition of Melt Inclusions
Taracsák Z, Hartley ME, Burgess R, Edmonds M, Longpré M-A, Tartese R & Turchyn A(

(2021) Crustal Reworking and the Carbon Cycle
Nicoli G, Dyck B, Edmonds M & Ferrero S

(2021) Outgassing of Metals from Active Volcanoes
Edmonds M, Mason E & Hogg O

(2021) Monogenetic Scoria Cones as Windows into Transcrustal Mush
Barber ND, Baldwin S, Edmonds M, Wibowo HE & Harijoko A

(2020) Novel Constraints on Magmatic Mushes from Kīlauean Olivines
Wieser P, Edmonds M, Maclennan J, Jenner F, Kunz B & Wheeler J

(2020) A Big Data Perspective on the Behaviour of Copper in Arc Magmas
Barber N, Edmonds M, Jenner F, Williams H & Audetat A

(2020) Volcanic Outgassing and Magmatic Volatiles
Edmonds M

(2019) Metals In Magmas: Across Arc Variations in Volcanic Metals
Barber N, Edmonds M, Williams H & Marliyani G

(2019) Crystal Scavenging from Mush Piles Produces Spurious Melt Inclusion Records
Wieser P, Edmonds M, Maclennan J, Jenner F & Kunz B

(2019) ABOVE: Aerial-Based Observations of Volcanic Emissions, Papua New Guinea
Liu E, Aiuppa A, Alan A, Arellano S, Bitetto M, Bobrowski N, Carn S, Cerdes G, Clarke R, Corrales E, de Moor M, Diaz JA, Edmonds M, Fischer T, Freer J, Fricke M, Galle B, Giudice G, Gutmann A, Jones J, Mason E, McCormick Kilbride B, Mulina K, Nowicki S, Richardson T, Rüdiger J, Schipper CI, Watson IM & Wood K

(2019) Aerosol Chemistry of the 2018 Kīlauea Lower East Rift Zone Eruption – From Source to Exposed Communities
Mason E, Ilyinskaya E, Whitty RCW, Wieser P, Liu E, Edmonds M, Mather T, Elias T, Nadeau P, Kern C, Schneider DJ & Oppenheimer C

(2017) Generation and Evolution of Volatile-Rich Magmas from El Hierro, Canary Islands
Taracsák Z, Hartley ME, Longpré M-A, Burgess R & Edmonds M

(2016) Pre-Eruptive Exsolved Gas: Implications for Deformation and Atmospheric Loading during Eruptions
Edmonds M, McCormick B & Biggs J

(2015) Andesite Magmas Ascend Rapidly from the Mid Crust at Soufriere Hills Volcano, West Indies
Edmonds M, Humphreys M, Kohn S & Hauri E

(2015) Solid-Earth Oxygen Cycling Revealed by Enriched Mantle Domains
Shorttle O, Moussallam Y, Hartley M, Maclennan J, Edmonds M & Murton B

(2015) Geochemical Evolution of Mafic Enclaves during an Arc Eruption
Plail M, Edmonds M, Humphreys M, Christopher T, Herd R & Barclay J

(2014) The Fidelity of Plagioclase-Melt Thermometry for Decompression-Driven Magma Crystallisation
Humphreys M, Kloecking M & Edmonds M

(2013) Petro-Geochemical Evidence for Vapour Transport in Andesite Shear Fractures
Plail M, Edmonds M, Barclay J, Humphreys M & Herd R

(2013) Challenges in Constraining and Understanding Strombolian Volcanism
Houghton B, Taddeucci J & Edmonds M

(2013) Mantle Control on Eruption Style at Kīlauea Volcano, Hawai’i
Edmonds M, Sides I, Maclennan J, Swanson D & Houghton B

(2013) Evolution of Chemical and Physical Properties of Mixed Arc Magmas
Humphreys M, Edmonds M, Christopher T & Brooker R

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