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All abstracts by Christopher Clark in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2016) P–T–t Evolution of the UHT Rogaland–Vest Agder Sector, SW Norway
Blereau E, Clark C, Johnson T, Taylor R, Kinny P & Hand M

(2016) The Ultrahigh Temperature Evolution of the Napier Complex as Revealed by Zircon Geochemistry
Clark C, Taylor R, Kylander-Clark A & Hacker B

(2016) In situ SHRIMP U-Pb Geochronology and Geochemistry of Mafic Dykes in the Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia and Bunger Hills, East Antarctica
Stark JC, Wang X-C, Li Z-X, Rasmussen B, Zi J-W, Clark C & Hand M

(2016) Age Relations and Geochemistry of Precambrian Rocks of Shetland
Kinny P, Strachan R, Fowler M, Jahn I, Clark C & Taylor R

(2016) Deciphering Thermal Events in the Capricorn Orogen Using Titanite
Taylor R, Reddy S, Clark C & Johnson S

(2015) Rare Earth Element Partition Coefficients during High-Grade Metamorphism: Experiments, Realities, and Large Datasets
Taylor R, Clark C, Kinny P & Kylander-Clark A

(2015) LASS-ICPMS Zircon Geochronology: Comparisons with SHRIMP
Jahn I, Clark C, Reddy S, Taylor R & Kylander-Clark A

(2015) Quantitative Microstructural and Trace Element Geochemical Analysis of a Mineralogically Zoned Vein
Meadows H, Reddy S, Clark C & Taylor R

(2015) Subducting the Mozambique Ocean: Cryogenian Arc Formation throughout the East African Orogen
Collins AS, Archibald D, Blades M, Robinson F, Plavsa D, Foden J, Pisarevsky S, Clark C & Taylor R

(2015) Age and Hafnium Isotopic Evolution of the Western Ethiopian Shield
Blades M, Collins A, Foden J, Payne J, Alemu T, Woldetinsae G, Clark C & Taylor R

(2013) Timing of Ultra-High Temperature (UHT) Metamorphism and Formation of Incipient Charnockites in the Kerala Khondalite Belt (KKB), Southern India
Taylor R, Clark C & Fitzsimons I

(2013) Garnet, Zircon and Monazite as Monitors of High-Temperature Metamorphic Events: How Useful are They?
Clark C

(2013) On the Hunt for a Gondwanan Suture Zone in South India
Plavsa D, Collins A, Foden J, Clark C & Santosh M

(2012) How Does the Continental Crust get Really Hot?
Clark C, Fitzsimons I & Healy D

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