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All abstracts by Pinghe Cai in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Isotopic Characterization of the Benthic Iron Flux in the Changjiang Estuary
He Z, Yang S, Lian E, Cai P & Zhang R

(2019) Development of a Two-Layer Transport Model in Layered Muddy-Permeable Marsh Sediments Using 224Ra-228Th Disequilibria
Shi X, Benitez-Nelson C, Cai P, He L & Moore W

(2018) Benthic Respiration Exacerbates Hypoxia in Coastal Seas: New Insights Derived from 224Ra-228Th Disequilibrium
Shi X, Cai P, Liu L, Hsu T-C, Hong Q, Wei L, Li Q, Liu W & Mi P

(2018) Using 224Ra/228Th Disequilibrium to Quantify Benthic Fluxes of Trace Metals into Pearl River Estuary: From Alkaline Earth Elements (Ba) to Redox Sensitive Metals (U, Mn, and Fe)
Hong Q, Cai P, Geibert W, Cao Z, Stimac I, Liu L & Li Q

(2017) Large Fluxes of Dissolved Iron from Coastal Sediments Revealed by 224Ra/228Th Disequilibrium
Cai P, Shi X, Hong Q, Wei L, Mi P, Liu L, Wang Y & Shi X

(2015) The Seasonal Variation of the Particle Export in the South China Sea: The Impact of the Asian Monsoon and Mesoscale Eddies
Zhou K, Dai M, Cai P & Chen W

(2015) Influence of Irrigation-Enhanced Benthic Fluxes on the Estuarine Mixing of Solutes in the Jiulong River Estuary, Southeast China
Hong Q, Cai P, Shi X, Liu L & Li Q

(2015) Using 224Ra/228Th Disequilibrium to Quantify Benthic Fluxes of Dissolved Inorganic Carbon and Nutrients into the Pearl River Estuary
Cai P, Shi X, Hong Q, Li Q, Guo X & Dai M

(2013) <sup>224</sup>Ra:228Th Disequilibrium in Coastal Sediments: Implications for the Transfer Across the Sediment-Water Interface
Cai P, Peng S, Moore W, Shi X, Wang G & Dai M

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