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All abstracts by Douglas P. Connelly in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) On Processes that Lead to Enrichment of REEs in Marine Deposits
Menendez A, James R, Roberts S, Peel K & Connelly D

(2015) Behaviour of Lithium Isotopes during Estuarine Mixing of Ice Melt from the Greenland Ice Sheet and Offshore Waters
Fries DM, James RH, Hopwood MJ, Connelly DP & Teagle DAH

(2015) Tracing Hydrothermal Iron Input to the Deep Ocean Using Iron Isotopes
Lough A, Klar J, Gibbs D, Milton J, Parkinson I, Homoky W, Racheal J, Connelly D & Rachel M

(2015) Isotopic Composition of Hydrothermal Iron Delivered to the Ocean Interior
Klar J, James R, Gibbs D, Parkinson I, Milton A & Connelly D

(2013) Effects of CO2 Leakage on Benthic Biogeochemistry – Results from a Large Scale Field Experiment
Lichtschlag A, Connelly D, Stahl H, Taylor P & James RH

(2013) Rare Earth Elements as Indicators of Hydrothermal Processes within the East Scotia Subduction System
Cole C, James R, Connelly D & Hathorne E

(2013) The Effect of Hydrothermal Iron on Marine Dissolved Organic Carbon
Hawkes J, Connelly D, Djurhuus A & Achterberg E

(2013) Cr Isotope Fractionation in Reducing Continental Margin Sediments
Pearce C, James R, Parkinson I, Connelly D & Planquette H

(2010) Chemistry of Newly-Discovered Hydrothermal Vents in the East Scotia Sea
James R, Connelly D, Green D, Alker B, Hawkes J & German C

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