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All abstracts by Eric Boyd in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) On the Origins of Crenarchaeol: Environmental Factors Controlling Distribution in Hot Springs
Calhoun AN, Blewett J, Colman D, Harris CM, Boyd E, Pearson A & Leavitt W

(2023) Investigating Controls on H2 Availability in Groundwaters during Active Serpentinization in the Samail Ophiolite
Templeton AS, Ellison ET, Nothaft DB, Boyd E, Colman D, Fones E, Spear J, Hoehler T, Kubo M & Glombitza C

(2022) Sulfur Biomineralization of Peridotites Undergoing Low-Temperature Serpentinization
Templeton AS, Ellison ET, Glombitza C, Hoehler T, Rempfert K, Caro T, Kashyap S, Sepulveda J & Boyd E

(2020) Inorganic Carbon Limitation and Diversification of Hydrogenotrophic Methanogens in the Samail Ophiolite, Oman
Fones E, Colman D, Kraus E, Templeton A, Spear J & Boyd E

(2019) Microbially-Driven Nitrate Production in a High Alpine Glaciated Catchment
Skidmore M, Allen J, Dore J & Boyd E

(2018) Calibrating Geostable Lipid Profiles to Archaeal Bioenergetic State
Zhou A, Amenabar M, Elling F, Weber Y, Boyd E, Pearson A & Leavitt W

(2015) Off-Axis Shallow-Sea Venting of Alkaline, H2 and CH4 Enriched Fluids: The Strýtan Hydrothermal Field (SHF), Eyjafjörður, Iceland
Price R, Hoehler T, Boyd E, Wehrmann L & Amend J

(2015) Arsenolipids in Sediments from Great Salt Lake
Glabonjat R, Raber G, Jensen K, Francesconi K, Schubotz F, Boyd E, Marvin-DiPasquale M & Naftz D

(2014) Microbial Fe(III) Oxide Reduction Potential in Chocolate Pots Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park
Fortney N, Roden E & Boyd E

(2014) Dynamics of Carbon-Based Gas Flux from Glacial Sediments at a Retreating Alpine Glacier
Spotts T, Skidmore M, Boyd E & Dore J

(2014) Unique Membrane Lipids Typify Adaptations of Halophilic Archaea and Bacteria Across a Salinity Gradient at the Great Salt Lake
Schubotz F, Baxter B, Marvin-DiPasquale M, Naftz D & Boyd E

(2014) Evidence for Mixotrophy and Metabolic Switching in Chemotrophic Hot Spring Microbial Communities
Urschel M, Boyd E, Kubo M, Hoehler T & Peters J

(2014) The Importance of Non-Phosphorous Containing Lipids in Thermophilic Archaea and Bacteria Inhabiting Terrestrial Hot Springs
Schubotz F, Boyd E, Lipp J, Boyer G, Fecteau K, Shock E & Summons R

(2013) Hot Spring Environments as Accessible Portals into the Metabolic Underpinnings of the Deep Hot Biosphere
Boyd E, Alsop E, Shock E & Raymond J

(2013) Seasonal Variation in Biological Methane Production in a Subglacial Ecosystem
Boyd E, Hamilton T, Spots T, Dore J, Canovas P, Havig J, Peters J, Shock E & Skidmore M

(2009) Mineralogical Controls on Microbial Communities in Glacial Environments
Mitchell A, Lafreniere M, Lange R, Pitts B, Skidmore M & Boyd E

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