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All abstracts by Thomas Bianchi in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) The Role of Reactive Iron in Preservation of Terrestrial Organic Carbon in Marine Environment
Zhao B, Yao P, Bianchi T, Shields M, Cui X, Zhang X, Huang X, Wang J & Yu Z

(2018) Fjords as Aquatic Critical Zones
Bianchi T

(2017) Carbon Processing in Aquatic Critical Zones: A Source-To-Sink Perspective
Bianchi T

(2016) Preservation of Sedimentary Organic Carbon in Mud Deposits of the Eastern China Marginal Seas
Yao P, Bianchi T, Zhao B, Wang J & Yu Z

(2016) The Experimental Flow to the Colorado River Delta: Effects on Carbon Cycling
Bianchi T, Butman D, Raymond P, Ward N, Kates R, Flessa K, Zamora H, Ramirez J & Rodriguez E

(2015) “Hotspots” for Carbon Burial in the Coastal Margin: Linkages with Watersheds in the Anthropocene
Bianchi T

(2015) Priming of Terrestrially-Derived Dissolved Organic Carbon: A Laboratory and Field-Based Approach
Bianchi T, Ward N, Thornton D, Yvon-Lewis S, King G, Shields M, Richey J & Curtis J

(2015) Domination of Soil in 14C Age Spectra in Sediments from a Major River System–Implications for Carbon Cycling
Rosenheim B, Roberts B, Van Metre P, Galy V, Shields M, Cui X & Bianchi T

(2014) Carbon Cycling in High Latitudes – Ramped Pyrolysis 14C Results from the Colville River Delta and Svalbard
Rosenheim B, Schreiner K, Mollenhauer G, Bianchi T & Rethemeyer J

(2013) Particulate Organic Carbon Age Spectra: Evaluating Different Spectra from Different Basin Types
Rosenheim B, Galy V, Williams E, Roberts B, Allison M, Schreiner K & Bianchi T

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