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All abstracts by Gerrit Budde in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Earth’s Accretion History Inferred from the Molybdenum Isotope Dichotomy of Meteorites
Budde G, Burkhardt C & Kleine T

(2018) Tracing Volatile Accretion Dynamics by Mars' Mo Isotopic Composition
Burkhardt C, Budde G, Kruijer T & Kleine T

(2017) Dating the Formation Jupiter Using the Genetic Heritage and Isotopic Ages of Meteorites
Kruijer T, Burkhardt C, Budde G & Kleine T

(2016) Isotopic Complementarity of Chondrules and Matrix
Budde G, Kleine T, Kruijer TS, Burkhardt C, Fischer-Gödde M & Metzler K

(2016) Molybdenum Isotope Dichotomy of Meteorites
Fischer-Gödde M, Render J, Budde G, Burkhardt C & Kleine T

(2015) Planetesimal Differentiation Revealed by High-Precision 182W Measurements
Kleine T, Kruijer T, Budde G & Fischer-Gödde M

(2015) Hf-W Chronometry of Allende Chondrules and Matrix
Budde G, Kleine T, Kruijer TS & Metzler K

(2015) Tungsten Stable Isotope Variations Investigated by Double Spike MC-ICPMS
Krabbe N, Kruijer T, Budde G & Kleine T

(2013) Evaluation of the Lu-Hf-in-Lawsonite Geochronometer
Budde G & Scherer EE

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