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All abstracts by Andre Baldermann in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Authigenic Clay Mineral Evidence for Restricted, Evaporitic Conditions during the Emergence of the Ediacaran Doushantuo Biota
Han S, Löhr S, Abbott A, Baldermann A & Yu B

(2021) In situ Rb-Sr Dating of Glauconite in Partially Altered Cambrian Sedimentary Sequences
Rafiei M, Löhr S, Alard O, Farkas J, Baldermann A & Brock G

(2021) Experimental Characterisation of Basalt Carbonation by Seawater-Dissolved CO2 at 130℃
Voigt M, Marieni C, Baldermann A, Galeczka IM, Wolff-Boenisch D, Oelkers EH & Gislason SR

(2018) Strontium and Magnesium Isotope Fractionation during Hydrothermal Seawater-Basalt Interaction
Voigt M, Pearce CR, Fries DM, Baldermann A & Oelkers EH

(2017) Iron Sequestration during Green-Clay Authigenesis – A Limiting Factor for the Benthic Fluxes of Iron?
Baldermann A, Mavromatis V & Dietzel M

(2017) New Insights to the Formation of Dolomite and Magnesite Through Hydrothermal Alteration of Ca-Carbonates: An Experimental Approach
Kell-Duivestein I, Baldermann A, Dietzel M & Mavromatis V

(2016) In situ Monitoring of CaCO3 Transformation Processes between 6 and 25℃
Purgstaller B, Mavromatis V, Konrad F, Baldermann A & Dietzel M

(2015) New Insights from Precipitation Experiments of Aragonite-Strontianite Solid Solutions at Ambient Temperature
Konrad F, Mavromatis V, Baldermann A & Dietzel M

(2015) Why are Sedimentary Dolomites Disordered and Metastable?
Baldermann A, Deditius AP, Dietzel M, Fichtner V, Fischer C, Hippler D, Leis A, Nickel C, Mavromatis V & Strauss H

(2015) A New Look at the Thermodynamic Control of the Isotope Composition of Mg and Zn in Calcite
Mavromatis V, Gonzalez AG, Fujii T, Baldermann A, Dietzel M & Schott J

(2015) Spatio-Temporal Monitoring of Ikaite (CaCO3.6H2O) Crystallization in a Man-Made River Section
Boch R, Dietzel M, Reichl P, Leis A, Pölt P & Baldermann A

(2013) Alteration at Bentonite-Cement Interfaces – An Experimental Approach
Nickel C, Baldermann A, Dietzel M, Grathoff G & Warr LN

(2013) Cyclic Dolomitization of Limestone at Oker (Germany)
Baldermann A, Deditius AP, Stickler CP, Leis A & Dietzel M

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