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All abstracts by Christelle Anquetil in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Is it Possible to Monitor Nanoplastic’s Degradation Through Carbon Isotope Fingerprinting?
Leblay C, Pierson-Wickmann A-C, Dia A, Anquetil C & Derenne S

(2021) Thermal Analyses of Biocarbonates as Part of the Search for Traces of Life on Mars
Perron AME, Stalport F, Chevillot-Biraud A, Derenne S, Anquetil C, Borensztajn S, Nowak S, Bürckel P, Lecourt L & Menez B

(2020) Tracing the Sources of Organic Matter in the Seine Estuary (NW France) Using Bulk and Molecular Analyses
Huguet A, Thibault A, Anquetil C & Derenne S

(2020) Influence of Environmental Parameters on Bacterial Lipids in Soils from the French Alps: Implications for Palaeo-Reconstructions
Derenne S, Véquaud P, Collin S, Anquetil C, Poulenard J, Sabatier P & Huguet A

(2019) Resorcinol Specific 13C-Composition: New Insights into Holocene Environmental Changes in Tanzania
Nguyen Tu TT, Rouyer L, Anquetil C, Mendez-Millan M, Coffinet S & Huguet A

(2017) Thawing of Arctic Soils: Control of Trace Element Dynamics by Organic Matter
Agnan Y, Alexis MA, Rouelle M, Anquetil C, Obrist D & Derenne S

(2017) Evaluation of 3-Hydroxy Fatty Acids as a Temperature and pH Proxy in Tanzanian Soils
Huguet A, Roussel A, Anquetil C, Coffinet S, Bergonzini L, Williamson D, Majule A & Derenne S

(2017) Characterization of the Dissolved Organic Matter from Arctic Soils Under Climate Change
Alexis MA, Agnan Y, Rouelle M, Courault R, Anquetil C & Derenne S

(2014) Plant Root Encrustation Processes: Insights from a Multitechnique Characterization Strategy
El Khatib R, Bernard S, Huguet A, Deldicque D, Anquetil C, Gocke M, Wiesenberg G & Derenne S

(2014) Assessing the Use of GDGTs as Temperature Proxies along Altitudinal Transects in East Africa
Huguet A, Coffinet S, Omuombo C, Williamson D, Fosse C, Anquetil C & Derenne S

(2013) Denitrification Rates in Riparian Wetlands of the Seine River are Influenced by Carbon Quantity Rather Than Quality
Laverman A, Anquetil C & Derenne S

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