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All abstracts by Xudong Yu in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Solubility Experiment in Subsystems of Sr-Mg-Al- Cl-H2O at 298 K
Yu X, Liu M, Zheng Q, Wang L, Huang Q, Li M, Zheng H & Zeng Y

(2019) Phase Equilibria in the Aqueous Subsystems of Li-Rb-Cs-So4-H2O
Zeng Y, Feng S, Xu P, Yu X & Peng Y

(2018) Solid-Liquid Equilibria in the Aqueous Subsystems of K-Rb-Cs-So4-H2O
Zeng Y, Yu X, Peng Y, Feng S, Zhuge F, Chen P, Wu L & Sun J

(2018) Solubility Experiment in Subsystems of Sr-Ca-Mg- Cl-H2O at 298 K
Yu X, Wang L, Liu M, Zeng Y, Peng Y, Zhuge F & Feng S

(2018) Phase Equilibria for the Aqueous System Containing Sodium, Potassium, Chlorine, and Sulfate Ions at 273 K
Peng Y, Zeng Y & Yu X

(2018) Solvent Exraction and Sepration of Te(Ⅳ)from Hydrochloric Acid Leaching Solution of Tellurium Ore
Zhuge F, Yu X & Zeng Y

(2013) The Isothermal Evaporation Phase Equilibria for Salt – Water System Focused on Zabuye Salt Lake
Zeng Y, Yu X, Li J, Peng Y, Feng S & Wang R

(2012) Metastable Phase Equilibria for the Marine Sedimentary Deep Brine Enriched with Potassium
Zeng Y & Yu X

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