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All abstracts by Shiming Wan in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) History of Asian Dust in the Japan Sea Since the Miocene and its Coupling Evolution with Tectonic and Climatic Changes
Wan S

(2021) Erosional Record of Himalayan Uplift in the Bay of Bengal Since the Late Eocene
Wan S, Song Z & Colin C

(2021) East Asian Monsoon Intensification Promoted Weathering of the Magnesium-Rich Southern China Upper Crust and its Global Significance
Yang Y, Galy A, Fang X, Wan S, France-Lanord C, Zhang R, Zhang J, Yang S, Miao Y, Liu Y & Ye C

(2021) Monsoon Rainfall Forcing on the Silicate Weathering in the Yellow River Basin during the Last 400 ka
Zhao D & Wan S

(2021) Climate-Driven Weathering Shifts between Highlands and Floodplains
Zhaojie Y, Colin C & Wan S

(2021) Significance of Continental Surface Erosion and Weathering in Modulating the Greenhouse Gas CO2 Level during the Quaternary Glacial Periods: An Integration of Sedimentary Records in Tropical Marginal Seas
Xu Z, Wan S, Lim D, Colin C & Clift PD

(2020) Nd Isotopic Composition in the Northern Indian Ocean from Late Quaternary to the Present
Yu Z, Christophe C, Franck B & Wan S

(2018) Increased Seasonality Drove the C4 Plant Expansion in Central Asia Since the Miocene-Pliocene Boundary
Wan S, Shen X & Colin C

(2018) Clay Mineral Records in the Southern Part of the Bay of Bengal Since 37 Ma: Link to Evolution of the Bay of Bengal and Paleoenvironmental Changes
Song Z & Wan S

(2018) Fire History in the Yangtze River Basin Since 7ka: Links to Climate, Vegetation and Human Activities
Pei W & Wan S

(2017) Enhanced Silicate Weathering of Tropical Shelf Sediments Exposed during Glacial Lowstands: A Sink for Atmospheric CO2
Wan S & Clift P

(2017) High-Resolution Clay Minerals Record in the South Yellow Sea over the Past 3.5 Ma: Links to Evolution of Yellow/Yangze River and Paleoenvironmental Changes
Zhang J, Wan S, Huang J, Li A & Li T

(2012) Sedimentary Evolution in the Northern South China Sea Since Oligocene and its Responses to Tectonics
Li A, Huang J, Jiang H & Wan S

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