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All abstracts by Kuo-Lung Wang in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Deformation, Metasomatism and Seismic Anisotropy in the Lithospheric Mantle beneath Taiwan Straits, Southeast Asian Margin: Constraints from Mantle Xenoliths
Kourim F, Wang K-L, Michibayanchi K & O'Reilly S

(2018) Geochemical Characteristics of Peridotites from Guleman and Kizildağ Ophiolites, SE Turkey: Investigating Subduction Initiation Magmatism
Lin K-Y, Wang K-L, Chung S-L & Bingöl AF

(2017) Remnant Ancient Lithospheric Fragments in Proterozoic Dunzhugur Ophiolites in Southern Siberia
Wang K-L, Gornova MA, Kovach V, Chu Z, Belyaev VA, Lin K-Y & O’Reilly SY

(2016) The Importance of Dispersed Volcanic Ash as an Input to the Nankai Subduction Zone
Scudder RP, Murray RW, Schindlbeck JC, Kutterolf S, Underwood MB & Wang K-L

(2016) Tephrachronostratigraphy and Provenance from IODP Expedition 352, Izu-Bonin Arc: Temporal Variations Indicating Tephra Source Changes from the Oligocene to the Holocene
Kutterolf S, Schindlbeck JC, Robertson A, Avery A, Baxter A & Wang K-L

(2016) Depleted SSZ Type Mantle Peridotites in Proterozoic Eastern Sayan Ophiolites in Siberia
Wang K-L, Chu Z, Gornova M, Belyaev V, Lin K-Y & O’Reilly S

(2016) Discovery of ANS-Derived Ribbon Continent in Georgian Caucasus: Zircon Hf Isotopic Constraints and Implications for the Cimmerian Orogeny
Chiu H-Y, Chung S-L, Shengelia DM, Okrostsvaridze A, Javakhishvili Z, Lee H-Y & Wang K-L

(2016) Subduction Initiation in Proterozoic: Geochemistry of Mafic-Ultramafic Plutonic Suite from Eastern Sayan Ophiolites, Siberia
Belyaev VA, Gornova MA, Wang K-L, Medvedev AY, Dril SI & Karimov AA

(2015) Composition of the Lithospheric Mantle beneath the Khamar Daban Ridge, South Russian Siberia: Constraints from Mantle Xenoliths
Wang K-L, D'rill S, O'Reilly SY, Kuzmin M, Griffin WL & Pearson NJ

(2014) The Finding of a Titanite-Rich Zone in Omphacite Epidosite and its Geochemical Implication for Subduction-Zone Metamorphism
Xiao Y, Niu Y, Zhang H, Wang K-L, Iizuka Y, Lin J & Xu Y

(2014) Proterozoic Mantle Lithosphere beneath the Khanka Massif in Far East Russia: In situ Re-Os Evidence
Wang K-L, Prikhodko V, O’Reilly S, Griffin W, Pearson N, Kovach V, Iizuka Y & Chien Y-H

(2013) Geochemical Fingerprints in Siberian Mantle Xenoliths Reveal Progressive Erosion of an Archean Lithospheric Root
Wang K-L, Chien Y-H, Kuzmin MI, O’Reilly SY, Griffin WL, Vorontsov A & Pearson NJ

(2012) Origin of the Acidic Rocks of the Early Permian Panjal Traps, Kashmir, India
Shellnutt JG, Bhat GM, Wang K-L, Brookfield ME, Dostal J & Jahn B-M

(2012) Heterogeneous Mantle Sources of the Alkaline-Tholeiitic Intraplate Basalts from the Aleppo Plateau, NW Syria
Ma G, Malpas J, Suzuki K, Lo C-H, Wang K-L, Iizuku Y & Xenophontos C

(2012) Petrogenesis of Paleogene Basaltic Rocks Drilled from Western Taiwan: Insight to Rifting at the SE Asian Continental Margin
Wang K-L, Chung S-L, Lo Y-M, Lo C-H, Yang H-J, Shinjo R & Lee T-Y

(2012) Detrital Zircons from the Higo and Abukuma Metamorphic Terranes, Japan: Implication for the Sediment Provenance
Maki K, Fukuyama M, Miyazaki K, Yui T-F, Wang K-L, Usuki T, Hirata T & Grove M

(2011) Zircon U-Pb and Hf Isotopic Data from Granitic Rocks of Taiwan
Lan C-Y, Usuki T, Wang K-L, Yui T-F, Yang J-H, Lin W & Hsieh P-S

(2011) Primordial Ages of Lithospheric Mantle vs Ancient Relicts in the Asthenospheric Mantle: In situ Os Perspective
Wang K-L, O'Reilly SY, Griffin W, Pearson N, Kovach V & Yarmolyuk V

(2009) Magmatic Geochemistry and Geotectonic Configuration of the Southern Okinawa Trough and the Northern Taiwan Volcanic Zone
Shinjo R, Hokakubo S, Chung S-L & Wang K-L

(2006) Petrology and geochemistry of peridotite xenoliths from Vietnam, Indochina block
Lan CY, Iizuka Y, Usuki T, Wang KL, Tran TA, Trinh VL & O'Relly SY

(2006) Effect of urbanization on hydro-geochemistry and contamination of fracture-karst groundwater from Jiaozuo City, China
Luo S, Qian JZ, Wu JF, Zhao WD & Wang KL

(2006) In situ Os dating of peridotite xenoliths, Tariat, northern Mongolia
Wang K-L, O'Reilly SY, Griffin WL & Pearson NJ

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