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All abstracts by Matthew Varonka in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Dissolved Organic Matter Fluorescence within Oil and Gas Produced Water from U.S. Unconventional Petroleum Plays: Comparisons and Consequences for Beneficial Reuse
McDevitt B, Jubb AM, Varonka M, Hackley PC, Blondes M, Engle M, Gallegos T & Shelton J

(2022) Enhancement of Acetoclastic Methanogenesis during in situ Biostimulation of Coalbed Methane Generation
Barnhart E, Smith H, Schweitzer H, Mueller R, Orem W, Varonka M, Ruppert L, Clark A, Crockett Z & Fields M

(2022) Role of Geochemistry and Non-Mercury Methylators in Supporting Mercury Methylation in Aquatic Sediments
Wang Y, Ikuma K, Varonka M, Brooks SC & Deonarine A

(2021) Optimizing Radium Removal from Produced Water Utilizing the Sr/Ba Molar Ratio and Precipitate Seeding
McDevitt B, Gallegos T, Blondes M, Shelton J, McAleer R, Valentine B, Varonka M, Jolly G, Jubb AM, Jackson J & Chenault J

(2020) Geochemical, Isotopic and Volumetric Signatures of Produced Water from Williston Basin Oil Wells Hydraulically Fractured with Crosslinked Gel
Gallegos TJ, Doolan C, Caldwell R, Engle MA, Varonka M, Jolly G, Coplen TB & Oliver T

(2014) Evaluation of Organic Compounds for Enhancing Microbial Coal Bed Methanogenesis
Akob D, Dunlap D, Varonka M & Orem W

(2012) Organic Geochemistry and Toxicology of Fluids from Shale Gas Wells
Crosby L, Varonka M & Orem W

(2012) Atmospheric Particulate Matter in Proximity to Mountaintop Coal Mines
Kolker A, Engle M, Orem W, Tatu C, Hendryx M, McCawley M, Esch L, Geboy N, Crosby L & Varonka M

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