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All abstracts by Nicholas Timms in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Earth’s Oldset Preserved Impact Structure – Yarrabubba, Western Australia
Erickson T, Kirkland C, Timms N, Cavosie A & Davison T

(2019) Shocked Chicxulub Titanite Records New Twins and Impact Age
Timms N, Kirkland C, Cavosie A, Rae A, Pearce M, Erickson T, Wheeler J, Morgan J, Collins G, Ferrière L, Poelchau M, Wittmann A & Gulick S

(2019) Itokawa, a >4.2 Ga Old Rubble Pile Asteroid
Jourdan F, Timms NE, Nakamura T, Rickard WDA, Eroglu E, Mayers C, Bland PA, Oike R & Yada T

(2019) Investigating the Response of Carbonates to Hypervelocity Impact
Walton E, LaLonde S, Timms N & Sansjofre P

(2018) Impact Melt Immiscibility and Resulting Element Segregation on the Itokawa Asteroid
Timms N, Rickard W, Jourdan F, Fougerouse D, Reddy S, Saxey D, Daly L, Bland P, Nakamura T, Oike R & Yada T

(2018) Zircon Under Extreme Shock Conditions from the Ries Crater, Germany
Erickson T, Kring D & Timms N

(2015) Collisional History of Asteroid Itokawa
Jourdan F, Timms N, Eroglu E, Mayers C, Frew A, Bland P, Collins G, Davison T, Abe M & Yada T

(2015) Geochronology of ex situ Shocked Zircons: Towards Dating Impacts
Cavosie AJ, Reddy SM, Timms NE, Erickson TM & Pincus MR

(2013) Microstructural Constraints on Porosity Evolution during Carbonate Replacement Reactions
Pearce M, Timms N, Hough R & Cleverley J

(2013) A Comparison of Shocked Zircon and Quartz from the Reis Impact Structure, Germany
Erickson T, Reddy S, Timms N & Nemchim A

(2012) Microstructures in Lunar Zircon: Key to Interpretation of U-Pb Ages
Nemchin A, Grange M, Timms N & Pidgeon R

(2011) Deciphering Mafic and Felsic Lunar Magmatic Events: Insight from Zircon
Grange M, Nemchin A, Timms N, Pidgeon B & Meyer C

(2006) Deformation-related modification of U and Th in zircon
Timms N, Kinny P & Reddy S

(2006) Geochemical Modification of Plastically-Deformed Zircon
Reddy S, Timms N & Kinny P

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