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All abstracts by Carla Rosenfeld in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Time-Resolved Biogeochemical Insights to Fungal Redox Transformations of Selenium, the Essential Toxin
Sabuda M, Rosenfeld C, Torgeson J & Santelli C

(2018) Mycogenic Biogeochemistry: Simultaneous Manganese Oxidation and Selenium Reduction in Oxic Systems
Rosenfeld C, Hinkle MA & Santelli C

(2018) Mycogenic Manganese Oxide Structural Changes and Nickel Incorporation with Aging
Hinkle M, Rosenfeld C, Post J & Santelli C

(2018) Biogenic Mn Oxide Influences on Metal(loid) Contaminants
Santelli C, Hinkle MA, Rosenfeld C, Roepke E & Chaput D

(2017) Fungi-Mediated Redox Transformations of Selenium
Santelli C, Rosenfeld C, Torgeson J & Cousins L

(2017) Microbial Ecology of Seleniferous Reclaimed Mine Soils
Rosenfeld C, MacDonald E, James B & Santelli C

(2015) Investigating the Effects of Se on Fungal Growth and Biomineral Production
Kenyon J, Rosenfeld C & Santelli C

(2015) Selenium in the Environment: Abiotic and Biotic Controls on Se Redox
Rosenfeld C, James B & Santelli C

(2013) Linking Nutrient and Contaminant Dynamics in Rhizopheres of Hyperaccumulators
Rosenfeld C, Chaney R, Lanzirotti A & Martinez CE

(2012) Trace Metals and Soil Solids: Effects of Soil Heterogeneity on Zn Mobility
Rosenfeld C, Chaney R, Lanzirotti A & Martinez CE

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