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All abstracts by Christopher Oze in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Carbon Negative Olivine Cement
Oze C & Scott A

(2016) Chromium Oxidation by Hydrogen Peroxide in Serpentinization Systems
Oze C, Sleep N, Coleman R & Fendorf S

(2014) The Utility of Paired Isotopic and Diffuse Soil CO2 Flux Investigations in Geothermal Systems
Hanson M, Oze C & Horton T

(2014) The Chemical Utility of Serpentinization Products
Oze C & Holm N

(2014) Hydrogen Production Through Olivine Alteration
Neubeck A, Nguyen Thanh D, Hellevang H, Oze C, Bastviken D, Bacsik Z & Holm N

(2012) Soil Gas Exploration at Rotokawa Geothermal Field, New Zealand
Kennedy B, Bloomberg S, Rissmann C, Horton T, Mazot A, Gravley D & Oze C

(2012) Carbon Dioxide Degassing and Estimation of Thermal Energy Release from White Island Volcano, New Zealand
Mazot A, Bloomberg S, Horton T, Rissmann C, Oze C, Gravley D & Kennedy B

(2011) Reactivity of Mafic and Ultramafic Rocks with CO2-charged Fluids and the Autocatalytic Reduction of CO2 to Form CH4
Rosenbauer R, Oze C, Jones C, Thomas B, Goldsmith J & Bischoff J

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