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All abstracts by C. Brenhin Keller in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Disk-Driven Migration of Jupiter: Support from Chondrite Thermochronology
Edwards GH, Keller CB, Stewart C & Newton ER

(2023) Data and Computational Science for Earth and Planetary History: Lessons from the Terrestrial Archive
Edwards GH & Keller CB

(2023) Trace Element Signatures of Magmatic Zircon
Roberts NMW, Keller CB & Tapster SR

(2023) Subglacial Chemical Precipitates Record Antarctic Ice Sheet Response to Southern Ocean Warming
Gagliardi J, Blackburn T, Piccione G, Tulaczyk S & Keller CB

(2022) Insights into Magma Storage and Requilibration from Hornblende Thermobarometry
Gao K, Keller CB & Ma C

(2022) Archean to Proterozoic Hard Rock Geochemistry: A Refined Database
Liu C, Keller CB, He Y & Zhang Z

(2021) A Statistical View of the Secular Evolution of Mantle-Derived Magmas
Keller CB

(2021) Quantitative Correlation of Large Igneous Provinces and Phanerozoic Extinctions
Green T & Keller CB

(2019) Understanding Continental Freeboard in the Phanerozoic
Keller CB

(2018) Secular Cooling of Earth's Mantle: Geochemical Evidence and Geodynamic Implications
Keller CB

(2017) Stepwise Chemical Abrasion ID-TIMS-Tea of Hadean Jack Hills Zircon Microfragments
Keller CB, Boehnke P, Schoene B & Harrison TM

(2012) Multi-Scale Geochemical Time Series Constraints on Archean Lithosphere Formation
Schoene B & Keller CB

(2012) Secular Geochemical Evolution Linked to Atmospheric Oxidation
Keller CB & Schoene B

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