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All abstracts by Claresta Joe-Wong in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) PFAS Adsorption via Novel Amphiphilic Silane Functionalized Membranes and Subsequent Destruction Utilizing Magnetite Nanoparticle Catalyzed UV-Fenton Chemistry
Johnson JK, Skala L, Salerno KM, Joe-Wong C, Le NQ, Demirev PA, Ko JS, Xia Z & Nachman DR

(2022) Thorium in River Water Reveals Bedrock Fracture Processes Triggered by Distant Seismic Events
Gilbert B, Carrero S, Dong W, Joe-Wong C, Arora B, Fox PM, Nico PS & Williams KH

(2019) Fluid-Mineral-Organic Interactions and Contaminant Release in Shale Reservoirs
Harrison A, Li Q, Jew A, Dustin M, Kiss A, Thomas D, Joe-wong C, Bargar J, Brown G & Maher K

(2018) Thermodynamic Controls on Kinetic Stable Isotope Fractionation: Chromium(VI) Reduction by Iron(II)
Joe-Wong C, Weaver K, Brown S & Maher K

(2018) Mineral Surface Controls on Cr(VI) Reduction by Sorbed Fe(II)
Nelson J, Joe-Wong C & Maher K

(2017) Towards a Mechanistic Understanding of Metal Isotope Fractionation Using Spectroscopic and Theoretical Approaches
Maher K, Wasylenki L, Nelson J, Joe-Wong C, Bargar J & Brown Jr. G

(2017) Applications of Marcus Theory to Stable Metal Isotope Fractionation during Redox Reactions
Joe-Wong C, Weaver K, Brown S & Maher K

(2016) Physical and Chemical Alteration of Shales during Hydraulic Fracturing
Harrison AL, Jew A, Dustin M, Kiss A, Kohli A, Thomas D, Joe-Wong C, Liu Y, Lim J-H, Brown G, Maher K & Bargar J

(2014) Sea Level Rise Produces Abundant Organobromines in Affected Coastal Environments
Joe-Wong C, Chow A, Wang J-J, Rhew R & Myneni S

(2012) Determining Reactive Thiol Concentration in Naturally Occuring Organic Molecules
Shoenfelt E, Joe-Wong C, Crompton N, Jayne E & Myneni S

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