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All abstracts by Marie-Pierre Isaure in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) First Evidence of a Mercury Resistance Mechanism in an Anaerobic Bacterium: Impact on Mercury Sensitivity, Accumulation and, Methylation
Barrouilhet S, Monperrus M, Gassie C, Le Bars M, Dolla A, Khalfaoui Hassani B, Guyoneaud R, Isaure M-P & Goñi Urriza M

(2023) Comparative Study of Three H2 Geological Storages in Deep Aquifers Simulated in High Pressure Reactors
Mura J, Ranchou-Peyruse M, Guignard M, Haddad P, Ducousso M, Casteran F, Sénéchal P, Isaure M-P, Moonen P, Hoareau G, Baldy A, Petit A, Chiquet P, Caumette G, Cézac P & Ranchou-Peyruse A

(2022) Geological Storage of Hydrogen in Deep Aquifers – An Experimental Multidisciplinary Study
Haddad P, Ranchou-Peyruse M, Guignard M, Mura J, Casteran F, Ronjon-magand L, Sénéchal P, Isaure M-P, Moonen P, Hoareau G, Dequidt D, Chiquet P, Caumette G, Cézac P & Ranchou-Peyruse A

(2022) Mercury Methylation and Transformations by the Sulfate Reducing Bacterium Pseudodesulfovibrio Hydrargyri Combining Synchrotron cryo-Nano-Xrf, XRF Tomography and HERFD-XANES
Le Bars M, Barrouilhet S, Monperrus M, Goñi Urriza M, Rovezzi M, Salome M & Isaure M-P

(2021) Subcellular Localization, Speciation and Imaging of Mercury during Bacterial Methylation Process
Le Bars M, Barrouilhet S, Monperrus M, Goñi Urriza M, Tessier E & Isaure M-P

(2017) Biogeochemistry of Zn and Cd in a Phytostabilized Mining Soil
Isaure M-P, Huguet S, Trcera N, Reguer S, Proux O & Cleyet-Marel J-C

(2012) Speciation and Localization of Cd in the Hyperaccumulator Arabidopsis halleri Grown in the Field and in Controlled Conditions by XAS Techniques
Isaure M-P, Huguet S, Meyer C-L, Verbruggen N & Sarret G

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