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All abstracts by Pauline Humez in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Understanding the Regional Occurrence of Select Groundwater Contaminants Based on Novel and Established Tracer Measurements in Age-Dated Groundwater Samples in Alberta, Canada
Mayer B, Thistle S, Plata I, Humez P, Date A, Nightingale M, Kim J-H, Purtschert R, Musy SL, Duran N, Yokochi R, McClain CN & Liggett JE

(2023) Clumped Isotope Approaches to Evaluate the Sources, Potential Migration and Fate of Methane and Ethane in Sedimentary Basins
Kim J-H, Ono S, Humez P, Jaime C, Becker V, Nightingale M & Mayer B

(2022) Multi-Isotope Approaches to Assess the Sources and the Fate of Fugitive Methane and Ethane Associated with the Development of Unconventional Hydrocarbon Reservoirs in Western Canada
Mayer B, Humez P, Cesar J, Becker V, Riley D, Grimeau K, Nightingale M & Shevalier M

(2022) The Distribution of As, Fe, and Mn in Groundwater of Alberta, Canada
Plata I, Humez P, McClain C & Mayer B

(2021) Estimating Geochemical Background Values for Naturally-Occurring Constituents in Groundwater – A Case Study of Fluoride in Alberta Groundwater
Bondu R, Humez P, Kloppmann W, Naumenko-Dèzes MO & Mayer B

(2020) A Regional Assessment of Sources and Fate of Nitrate and Methane in Alberta Groundwater (Canada) Using Chemical and Isotopic Approaches
Mayer B, Humez P, Wilson L, Nightingale M & McClain C

(2020) Stable Carbon Isotope Proxies for the Development of Unconventional Petroleum Reservoirs and the Protection of Groundwater Resources
Cesar J, Wood J, Humez P, Nightingale M, Becker V, Ardakani O & Mayer B

(2019) Tracer Approaches for Identifying Potential Environmental Impacts of Shale Gas Development
Mayer B, Humez P, Osselin F, Cheung T, Nightingale M, Clarkson C, Parker B, Cherry J, Millot R, Desaulty AM & Kloppmann W

(2016) Tracing Fugitive Gas in Shallow Groundwater in Areas of Unconventional Energy Resource Development
Mayer B, Humez P, Nightingale M, Clarkson C, Cahill A, Parker B, Cherry J, Millot R, Kloppmann W, Osadetz K & Lawton D

(2015) New Approaches for Tracing Potential Leakage of CO2 from Geological Storage Reservoirs Using Stable Isotope Tracer Techniques
Mayer B, Becker V, Humez P, Nightingale M, Shevalier M, Osadetz K & Lawton D

(2014) Geochemical and Isotopic Approaches for Monitoring CO2 Storage Sites: Applicability for Shale Gas Development
Humez P, Mayer B, Negrel P, Lions J, Lagneau V, Kloppmann W, Inj J & Nightingale M

(2014) Assessing Potential Impacts from Unconventionial Gas Development on Groundwater Resources in Alberta, Canada
Mayer B, Ing J, Nightingale M & Humez P

(2012) Multi-Isotope Monitoring of Enhanced Weathering of Glauconitic Sands Under Controlled High pCO2 Conditions
Humez P, Lions J, Lagneau V & Negrel P

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