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All abstracts by Yoshiaki Endo in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Total Pressure Effect on Mass-Independent Fractionation of Sulfur Isotopes: Laboratory Experiment of SO2 Photochemistry
Endo Y, Danieleche S & Ueno Y

(2016) Transfer of S-Mif Signals from Reducing Late Archean Atmosphere
Ueno Y, Endo Y, Mishima K & Tian F

(2016) Experimental Study on SO2 Photochemistry Under Reducing Atmosphere and S-Mif
Endo Y, Ueno Y, Aoyama S & Danielache SO

(2013) Cause of the Maximum S-Mif Scatter in the Late Archean: Atmospheric Organic Sulfur and Episodic Volcanism
Ueno Y, Danielache S, Saito M, Endo Y & Johnson M

(2013) Pressure-Dependent Change of Ultraviolet Absorption Cross Section of SO2 Isotopologues and S-Mif
Endo Y, Danielache S, Ueno Y, Hattori S, Johnson M & Kjærgaard H

(2012) Photodissociation Origin of Archean S-Mif and Dynamical Sulfur Cycling Under Highly Reducing Atmosphere
Ueno Y, Danielache S, Endo Y, Johnson M & Yoshida N

(2012) Experimental Study of S-Mif by SO2 Photolysis Under CO Atmosphere
Endo Y, Danielache S & Ueno Y

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