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All abstracts by Eric Douville in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Reproducible paleo-Ph and Temperature Reconstructions Using Cold-Water Coral Aragonite Fibers with an Improved Mechanical Cleaning Procedure
Matos L, Douville E, Thil F, Montagna P, Frank N, Bordier L, Dapoigny A, Wienberg C & Hebbeln D

(2021) Growth Parameters Affect Geochemical Proxies in Massive Corals: Impacts on Climate Reconstructions
Canesi M, Douville E, Bordier L, Dapoigny A, Coulibaly G, Simon A-C, Agelou M, Montagna P, Allemand D & Reynaud S

(2020) Temperature Reconstructions in the Pacific Ocean from Massive Corals (Porites sp. And Diploastrea Sp.)
Canesi M, Douville E, Montagna P, Bordier L, Caquineau S, Pons-Branchus E, Iwankow G, Allemand D & Reynaud S

(2017) 320 Years of Modern Sea Surface pH and SST Variability in the South Pacific from Coral Proxy Records
Wu H, Dissard D, Douville E, Blamart D, Bordier L, Dapoigny A, Le Cornec F, Tribollet A & Lazareth C

(2017) Trace Elements in Speleothems as Tracer of Erosion and Climate during Termination I in Southern France
Drugat L, Pons-Branchu E, Valladas H, Roy-Barman M, Foliot L & Douville E

(2017) Calibration of the Li/Mg Proxy for Sea Water Temperature
Cuny-Guirriec K, Douville E, Montagna P, McCulloch M & Trotter J

(2017) Modern and Holocene Hydrological Variations of the NE Atlantic Inferred from Nd Isotopic Composition Analyzed on Seawater and Deep-Sea Corals
Colin C, Bonneau L, Dubois-Dauphin Q, Pons-Branchu E, Douville E, Tisnerat-Laborde N, Elliot M, Douarin M, Mienis F, Frank N, Swingedouw D & Eynaud F

(2016) Holocene North Atlantic Mid-Depth Gyre Dynamics Revisited
Bonneau L, Colin C, Pons-Branchu E, Douville E, Tisnerat-Laborde N, Mienis F & Frank N

(2012) Evidence of Ocean Acidification Viewed by Boron Isotopes and B/Ca in Scleractinian Corals
Douville E, Gonzalez-Roubaud C, Louvat P, Gaillardet J, Cabioch G, Montagna P, Frank N & Gehlen M

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