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All abstracts by Eléonore Couder in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Multielemental and Pb, Zn Isotopic Study of Metal Transfer Processes in Soils and Lichens from an Old Mining Area (São Domingos, Portugal)
Mattielli N, Africano F, Branquinho C, Delahaye A, Vogel-Mota R, Couder E, Delvaux B & Matos JX

(2013) Interlaboratory Calibration of Zn Elemental and Isotopic Compositions for Organic and Inorganic Reference Materials
Mattielli N, Shiel A, Gordon K, Petit J, Weis D & Couder E

(2012) Delta66Zn Profiles in Five Highly Zn-Contaminated Soils
Couder E, Smolders E, Delvaux B, Cambier C & Mattielli N

(2011) Zn Isotope Fractionation in the Soil-Plant System (A pot Experiment)
Couder E, Drouet T, Delvaux B, Maerschalk C, Meeus C & Nadine M

(2009) δ66Zn as a Tracer of the Zinc Biogeochemical Cycle
Couder E, Delvaux B, Maerschalk C & Mattielli N

(2008) Zinc Isotopes in Polluted Substrates
Couder E, Delvaux B, Maerschalk C & Mattielli N

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