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All abstracts by Sandrine Cheron in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Copper Isotope Systematics in Seafloor Hydrothermal Systems: A Case Study of TAG and Snake Pit Fields, Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Djedjroh Y, Rouxel O, Cathalot C, Pastor L, Leroy L, Boissier A, Germain Y, Cheron S, Pelleter E, Besson F & Cambon MA

(2020) Spatial Association between Talc-Rich Mineralization and a "Black Smoker"-Type Deposit in a Newly Discovered Inactive Field (MARK Area, Mid-Atlantic Ridge)
Pelleter E, Fouquet Y, Boissier A, Cheron S, Leroy L, Germain Y & Cathalot C

(2019) What Happens to Hydrothermal Sediment? A Diagenetic Study along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Pastor L, Rouxel O, Besson F, Germain Y, Boissier A, Cheron S, Hubert M, Djedjroh Y, Cathalot C, Pelleter E, Roussel E, Cambon Bonavita M-A & Menot L

(2019) Sulfur and Carbon Cycling in Fe Dominated Sediments from the Mozambique Margin: Past and Current Processes
Zindorf M, Rooze J, Meile C, Jouet G, März C, Bossier A, Cheron S, Brandily C & Pastor L

(2019) Copper Isotope Systematics of Hydrothermal Sediments from TAG and Snake Pit Fields, Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Djedjroh Y, Rouxel O, Cathalot C, Pastor L, Besson F, Germain Y, Boissier A, Leroy L, Cheron S, Pelleter E & Cambon MA

(2017) Combination of Organic and Inorganic Proxies for Hydroclimate Reconstruction of the Ogooué River Basin (Gabon, Gulf of Guinea) during the Last 25ka
Skonieczny C, Bayon G, Schefuß E, Mollenhauer G, Thiéblemont D, Bouillon S, Toucanne S, Etoubleau J, Chéron S, Nonnotte P, Rouget M-L, Ponzevera E, Germain Y, Dennielou B & Marret F

(2015) Multiple Sources of Metals in Seafloor Hydrothermal FeMn Deposits: A Case Study at Utu'Uli, Pacific Ocean
Pelleter E, Rouxel O, Fouquet Y, Josso P, Germain Y, Cheron S & Etoubleau J

(2015) High-Resolution 3D Seismic Imaging of the Utu Uli Mn-Ni Deposit
Thomas Y, Pelleter E, Marsset B, Ker S, Fouquet Y, Alix A-S, Cheron S & Etoubleau J

(2013) Rare Earth Element Signatures of Metal-Rich Hydrothermal Ferromanganese Deposit in the South-West Pacific
Josso P, Pelleter E, Pourret O, Fouquet Y, Etoubleau J, Cheron S & Bollinger C

(2013) REE and Neodymium Isotopes in Sedimentary Organic Matter
Freslon N, Bayon G, Toucanne S, Bermell S, Bollinger C, Cheron S, Etoubleau J, Germain Y, Kripounoff A, Ponzevera E & Rouget ML

(2012) Discovery of Metals-Rich Hydrothermal Manganese Deposits in the South-West Pacific
Pelleter E, Fouquet Y, Etoubleau J, Cheron S & Labanieh S

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