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All abstracts by Fidel Costa in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Quantifying Magma Ascent Rates for Explosive and Effusive Eruptions
Utami SB, Costa F & Humaida H

(2021) Paricutin Volcano (Michoacán, Mexico): Petrogenesis and Magma Dynamics of a Nine-Year Historical Monogenetic Eruption
Larrea P, Widom E, Siebe C, Albert H, Ubide T, Costa F, Colás V, Salinas S & Kuentz D

(2020) A Smoking gun for Copper Enrichment in Arc Volcanoes?
Ubide T, Costa F, Kendrick MA & Berry AJ

(2020) Preservation of Mantle-Derived Recharge Signatures in Olivine during Protracted Magma Storage
Mourey A, Shea T, Costa F, Shiro B, Oalmann J, Lee L & Gansecki C

(2020) Volatiles in Melt Inclusions and Apatite from Erebus Phonolite
Li W, Costa F & Oppenheimer C

(2019) Crustal Assimilation or Magma Mixing as an Eruption Trigger at Gede Volcano, West Java, Indonesia
Didonna R, Handley HK, Costa F, Turner S & Bezard R

(2019) Magma Thermal Histories from Volcanic Pyroxenes Nano Scale Chemical Profiles
I Made R, Costa F & Melnik O

(2019) Apatite as a Powerful Tool of Tracking Melt Volatile (H2O, CO2) Abundances
Li W, Costa F & Nagashima K

(2018) Phosphorus and Aluminum Partitioning during Olivine Growth: Both Sides of the Story
Shea T, Hammer J, Hellebrand E, Mourey A, First E, Lynn K & Costa F

(2016) The Timing of Compositionally-Zoned Magma Reservoirs and Mafic 'Priming' Weeks Before the 1912 Novarupta-Katmai Rhyolite Eruption
Singer B, Costa F, Herrrin J, Hildreth W & Fierstein J

(2016) Same Initial Volatile Budget but Different Ascent Paths led to Contrasting Eruptive Styles at Merapi Volcano in 2006 and 2010
Li W, Costa F & Herrin J

(2016) Insight into Magmatic Processes of Open Vent Volcanoes Using Crystal Pattern Recognition Techniques
Cheng L, Costa F & Carniel R

(2016) Magma Reservoir Assembly at Kilauea Volcano: Insights from Chemical Zoning in Olivine
Lynn K, Garcia M, Shea T, Costa F & Swanson D

(2016) Dykes, Crystals, and Seismic Unrest of Monogenetic Eruptions
Albert H, Costa F & Marti J

(2015) Recent Activity and Magmatic Processes at Batu Tara
Herrin J & Costa F

(2014) Magmatic Processes and Time Scales Below a Yet-To-Be Silicic Caldera Eruption
Costa F, Jay J, Pritchard M, Lara L, Singer B & Herrin J

(2014) Accurate and Precise Timescales from Olivine Diffusion-Modeling: A 3D Perspective
Shea T, Hammer J, Krimer D & Costa F

(2014) Do Olivines Faithfully Record Magmatic Events?
Bouvet de Maisonneuve C, Costa F & Dungan M

(2014) Temporal and Spatial Evolution of Volcanic and Magmatic Activity at Rabaul (Papua New Guinea)
Bouvet de Maisonneuve C, Costa F, Huber C & Sindang M

(2013) Characterizing Magma Migration Dynamics beneath Mt. Etna Using Combined Kinetic and Thermodynamic (MELTS) Modelling
Kahl M, Chakraborty S, Costa F & Pompilio M

(2013) Submicrometer Exsolution Lamellae in Volcanic Pyroxenes as Indicators of Magma Residence Times
Herrin J, Costa F, Tay YY, Liu H & Pramana S

(2012) Time Scales of Magmatic Processes and Volcanic Unrest at Caldera Systems
Costa F, Druitt T, Deloule E, Dungan M & Scaillet B

(2012) The Mayon Volcano (Philippines) Plumbing System: Insights from Crystal Zoning Patterns and Volatile Contents
Cabato J, Costa F & Newhall C

(2011) Magma Recharge and Eruption Processes at Volcán Llaima (Andean Southern Volcanic Zone, 38.7°S)
Bouvet de Maisonneuve C, Dungan M, Bachmann O & Costa F

(2009) Time Scales of Magmatic Processes of Mafic Historical Eruptions from Tenerife, Canary Islands
Costa F & Marti J

(2009) Tracing Magma Mixing Under Mt. Etna Using Combined Thermodynamic and Kinetic Modeling
Kahl M, Costa F & Chakraborty S

(2007) Residence Times of Silicic Magmas Associated with Calderas
Costa F

(2007) The 1991-1993 Eruption of Mt. Etna: Timescales and Nature of Magma Recharge and Mixing
Kahl M, Costa F & Chakraborty S

(2005) Time Scales of Mafic-Silicic Magma Interactions
Costa F & Chakraborty S

(2004) Fast Diffusion of Si and O in San Carlos Olivine Under Hydrous Conditions
Chakraborty S & Costa F

(2002) A Diffusion Model for Calculating Magma Residence Times Using Trace Element Zoning in Plagioclase
Chakraborty S, Costa F & Dohmen R

(2002) Experimental Simulation of Interactions between Evolved Hydrous Liquids and Gabbroic Minerals at 200-400 MPa
Costa F, Scaillet B & Pichavant M

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