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All abstracts by William T. Cooper in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Non-Resonant Inelastic X-Ray Scattering to Analyze Carbon Chemistry in Unaltered Samples
Mishra B, O'Loughlin E, Cooper W, Jastrow J, Gordon R, Balasubramanian M & Kemner K

(2013) Analytical Chemistry, Natural Organic Matter and Climate Change: Linking Chemical Signatures and Microbial Communities that Affect Carbon Cycling in Northern Peatlands
Cooper W, Tfaily M, Chanton J, Lin X, Chanton P, Steinweg J, Schadt C & Kostka J

(2010) Identification of Reactive and Refractory Components of Dissolved Organic Nitrogen by FT-ICR Mass Spectrometry
Cooper W, Podgorski D & Osborne D

(2010) Partitioning Peatland Gas Prodution: Determining the Fraction of CO2 Produced from Methanogenesis
Corbett JE, Chanton JP, Burdige D, Glaser PH, Cooper WT, Siegel DI, Dasgupta SS & Tfaily MM

(2010) Effect of Biomass Type and Pyrolysis Conditions on the Speciation of Carbon and Phosphorus in Biochars as Determined by Solid-State 13C- and Liquid-State 31P-NMR Spectroscopy
Hamdan R, Zimmerman A & Cooper W

(2010) The Molecular Characterization of Dissolved Organic Nitrogen by Atmospheric Pressure Photionization Fourier-Transform Ion Cylotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry
Podgorski DC, Osborne DM, McKenna AM, Rodgers RP, Marshall AG & Cooper WT

(2010) Organic Matter Degradation and Nutrient Remobilization in Permeable Coastal Sands
Huettel M, Chipman L, Podgorski D, Green S, Magen C, Niggemann J, Ziervogel K, Arnosti C, Berg P, Cooper W, Dittmar T, Kostka J & Hallas K

(2009) Ion Chromatography of Inositol Phosphates with High Resolution Mass Spectrometric Detection
Heerboth M & Cooper W

(2009) Ultrahigh Resolution Mass Spectrometry of Soil Porewater DOM
Cooper W, D'Andrilli J, Podgorski D, Chanton J & Zimmerman A

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